Which routers comprise a VRRP group?

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Which routers comprise a VRRP group?

  • Host and client
  • Master and backup
  • Active and standby
  • Primary and secondary

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) enables a group of routers to form a single virtual router, known as a VRRP group. Routers are configured in VRRP groups to provide redundancy for a virtual IP address shared among members of the VRRP group. Each group is comprised of a master router and one or more backup routers. The physical IP address of the master router will be the virtual IP address of the group.

The master router is responsible for forwarding packets sent to the virtual router. The backup routers provide redundancy and stand ready to assume the role of the master router in the event that the master is unable to forward packets.

Infrastructure Services
Configure and verify first-hop redundancy protocols

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