Which parameters are found in VTP advertisements? (Choose three.)

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Which parameters are found in VTP advertisements? (Choose three.)

  • Password
  • VTP mode
  • IP address
  • Switch name
  • Revision number
  • Management domain name

The management domain name, password, and revision number are all checked before the VTP frame is processed. To propagate VTP information between switches, both switches must have a trunk port configured and must have a matching native VLAN, which is VLAN 1 by default.

VTP advertisements are flooded throughout the management domain every five minutes or whenever there is a change. These advertisements are originated from a switch that is in server mode and are propagated by switches that are in either client or transparent mode. Before a client or another server accepts or incorporates the information sent in the advertisement, it checks the management domain name and password (if defined) against its own configuration. The revision number is checked. If the revision number is higher than the last value store in the receiving switch, the receiving switch will overwrite its VLAN database with the information in the advertisement.

A VTP switch in transparent mode will receive and forward VTP advertisements. It will not use the contents of the advertisement to synchronize with its own VLAN database.

The VTP mode, IP address, and switch name are not found in VTP advertisements.

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