Which of the following standards describes the details of RSTP?

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Which of the following standards describes the details of RSTP?

  • 802.1d
  • 802.1w
  • 802.1s
  • 802.1x

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) is described in the IEEE 802.1w standard. It has several enhancements over Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), which uses 802.1d. The result of these enchantments is a more rapid convergence when topology changes occur. The two protocols can coexist in the network.

If a switch running RSTP receives an 802.1d Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU), on a port it will begin to use 802.1d rules on that port. However, the IEEE 802.1d standard describes STP and not RSTP.

The IEEE 802.1s standard describes Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MST). This enhancement allows for multiple instances of STP. Unlike Common Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1q) and Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol Plus (PVST+), which allow for a single instance of STP or an instance for every VLAN, respectively, MST allows the administrator to map several VLANs to the same instance, without committing them all to the same instance.

IEEE 802.1x describes a standard for port-based access control. It is not related to VLANs or their management.

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