Which of the following represents an attack source?

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Which of the following represents an attack source?

  • threat actor
  • attack vector
  • action on objectives
  • host file
A threat actor is anyone posing a threat through malicious activity. Some well-known threat actors globally are:

– APT10 – a Chinese group that has been around since early 2009. Their primary mission seems to be targeting defense contractors around the world.
– Turla – a popular Russian group most known for targeting government agencies around the world.
– Gosya – A popular Russian hacker who has been spotted selling the infamous Nuke Bot.
– Darkhotel – obtained their name from compromising hotel Wifi systems.
– Mr. Po Panda – This actor’s primary focus has been to deface company websites.
– ||JackSparrow|| – This actor is a member of a hacktivist group called Turk Hack. They try to claim themselves as researchers but have been known to conduct website defacements unexpectedly.

A host file is a file on a Windows machine that can contain manual IP address to name mappings.

The attack vector is not the individual. It is the method used by the threat actor. Attack vectors include:

– viruses
– e-mail attachments
– Web pages
– pop-up windows
– instant messages
– chat rooms

Action on objectives refers to the goal of the hacker. For example, it might be to deliver a ransomware letter.

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