Which IOS command configures a switch for VTP client mode?

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Which IOS command configures a switch for VTP client mode?

  • vtp mode client
  • no vtp v2-mode
  • no vtp mode
  • vtp terminal

To configure a switch to operate as a VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) client, simply enter the vtp mode client command at the global configuration prompt:

switch(config)# vtp mode client

When a switch is in VTP client mode, you cannot change its VLAN configuration. The switch will receive VTP updates from a VTP server in the VTP domain and then modify its configuration accordingly.

For added security, you can specify the VTP domain to which the client belongs and a password used to connect to the domain when configuring a switch for VTP client mode. The password is the same for all devices in the VTP domain. The commands to configure a VTP password are as follows:

switch(config)# vtp domain domain-name
switch(config)# vtp password password

The no vtp v2-mode command reverts the VTP version to version 1 (the default version). Use the vtp v2-mode command to set the VTP mode to version 2.

The no vtp mode command reverts the VTP mode back to its default state, which is server mode. To set the VTP mode of a VTP client back to server mode, you can use either the no vtp mode command or the vtp server command.

vtp terminal is not a valid command.

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