What is the term for program or service in Linux?

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What is the term for program or service in Linux?

  • handles
  • forks
  • processes
  • thread

A program or service in Linux is called a process, although services are also called daemons. A process is a single application as seen from the perspective of the processor. Multiprocessing is the operation pf more than one process at a time.

A thread represents a single set of sequential machine-code instructions that the processor executes. A thread also may be thought of as a subset of a process as a process may have multiple threads.

Handles are logical associations with a process creates a copy of itself. The fork operation creates a separate address space for the child. The child process has an exact copy of all the memory segments of the parent process.

Objective: Host-Based Analysis
Sub-Objective: Define these terms as they pertain to Linux: Processes, Forks, Permissions, Daemon

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