What command provides the output shown below?

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What command provides the output shown below?

300-420 Part 02 Q10 015
300-420 Part 02 Q10 015
  • switch# show vrrp brief
  • switch# show standby
  • switch# show glbp
  • switch# show vrrp


The command that displays the output in the exhibit is show vrrp. This command displays detailed information regarding VRRP groups on the switch. The information provided for each VRRP group by this command includes the status, virtual IP and MAC addresses, whether preemption is enabled, priority of the switch, and the address of the group master.

The command show vrrp brief is used to display a summary of the VRRP groups to which the switch belongs. The summary information it provides includes the group number, priority, state, whether preemption is enabled, the Master IP address, and the group IP address.

The command show glbp displays detailed information about GLBP groups on the switch. This information includes the GLBP groups the switch is a member of, whether this is the active switch, the virtual IP address, and whether preemption is enabled.

The command show standby can be used to display detailed information about HSRP groups to which a switch belongs. This command displays information about HSRP on all configured interfaces and for all HSRP groups. This command is for HSRP only.

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