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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 11

  1. Which is a true statement about management stages and technical stages?

    • Technical stages can overlap but management stages CANNOT
    • Management stages are the responsibility of the Project Manager, technical stages are NOT
    • Technical stages create products, management stages do NOT
    • Management stages require quality control, technical stages do NOT
  2. Which is an objective of the Controlling a Stage process?

    • Prepare a Stage Plan for the next stage
    • Obtain approvals for completed products
    • Prevent scope creep’ by monitoring products for uncontrolled change
    • Make arrangements to address all open issues and risks, with follow-on action recommendations
  3. What product forms the contract’ between the Project Board and the Project Manager?

    • Project Brief
    • Project Initiation Documentation
    • Project mandate
    • Project Plan
  4. Which is a purpose of a Risk Register?

    • Capture risks that may occur during the project
    • Record how risk management activities will be undertaken on the project
    • Record the risk tolerance for the project
    • Capture issues which are impacting on the delivery of the project objectives
  5. Which is an objective of the Starting up a Project process?

    • Approve all Product Descriptions prior to project initiation
    • Obtain approval from corporate or programme management for the Communication Management Strategy
    • Prevent projects with unrealistic delivery dates from being initiated
    • Confirm that there is a valid method in place to measure the expected project benefits
  6. Which is a purpose of an Exception Plan?

    • Show the reason for the tolerance deviation from a Stage Plan or Project Plan
    • Reduce the number of exception assessments, by agreeing a budget to cover the costs of any requests for change
    • Identify the actions required to recover from the effect of a tolerance deviation
    • Define the changes which are within the scope of the change budget
  7. What product defines the reporting requirements between the Project Manager and Team Manager?

    • Project Brief
    • Product Description
    • Team Plan
    • Work Package
  8. Which describes a risk event?

    • The area of uncertainty in terms of the threat or opportunity
    • The derivation or sources of a potential risk to the project
    • The achievement of a milestone on the Project Plan
    • The sequence of events and actions that will be put in place if a risk occurs
  9. During the Initiating a Project process, which product is updated to incorporate the estimated time and costs from the Project Plan?

    • Project Product Description
    • Business Case
    • Project Brief
    • Project mandate
  10. Which PRINCE2 principle helps to address a concern that the project team may NOT have worked on a similar project?

    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Learn from experience
    • Manage by exception
    • Focus on products
  11. Which is a purpose of the Risk theme?

    • Establish a method for the implementation of continuous improvement during the project
    • Identify, assess and control problems that have occurred
    • Provide the Project Board with a time-driven control to capture all project risks
    • Establish a cost-effective procedure to identify, assess and control risks
  12. In what product should the quality criteria for a specialist product be recorded?

    • Quality Management Strategy
    • Quality Register
    • Product Description
    • Project Product Description
  13. What product should be used to confirm the version number of ail products in a particular stage?

    • Issue Register
    • Product Status Account
    • Product Description
    • Configuration Item Record
  14. Why is the Initiating a Project process used?

    • To decide which project approach is suitable for the project
    • To fully understand how the project objectives will be achieved before committing significant resources
    • To produce the required Work Packages
    • To enable corporate or programme management to give authorization to deliver a project
  15. Which provides a single source of reference that may be used by people joining a project after it has been initiated so they can quickly and easily find out how the project is being managed?

    • Project Brief
    • Project Initiation Documentation
    • Project mandate
    • Project Product Description
  16. Which theme provides the controls to escalate any forecast beyond tolerance to the next management level?

    • Business Case
    • Plans
    • Progress
    • Quality
  17. Which describes the ‘Identify Risks’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

    • Identify responses to risks documented in the Business Case
    • Gather information about the project environment and objectives
    • Identify the roles to be involved in risk management activities
    • Identify uncertainties that may impact on the delivery of the project objectives
  18. Which principle helps to define what should be included and what should be excluded from a project?

    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Focus on products
    • Manage by stages
    • Continued business justification
  19. Which describes the ‘Implement’ step within the recommended risk management procedure?

    • Project Support will allocate the risk budget to fund the selected risk responses
    • The risk owner will decide the best response to control the risk
    • The risk owner and the risk actionee will carry out activities to control and deal with the risk
    • The Project Manager will formulate the Risk Management Strategy
  20. Which statement defines a risk?

    • A certain event occurring in the future that will have a negative impact on the project’s objectives
    • An event that has already occurred that the Project Manager must deal with immediately
    • An uncertain event, or set of events that, should it or they occur, will have an effect on the achievement of objectives
    • An uncertain event, or set of events that, should it or they occur, will be automatically escalated to the Project Board for a response