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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 10

  1. Identify the missing words in the following sentence: The six aspects of project performance to be managed are [?] costs, timescales and scope,

    • benefits, progress, risk,
    • benefits, quality, risk,
    • change, quality, progress,
    • benefits, customers, quality,
  2. Which is a type of issue?

    • A lesson
    • A request for change
    • An Exception Report
    • A risk with an estimated high impact
  3. Which is part of the PRINCE2 definition of a project?

    • An undertaking that consists of at least two management stages
    • A description of what must be delivered in order to gain acceptance
    • The total of a plan’s products
    • A temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering business products
  4. Which is a responsibility of a Team Manager?

    • Producing Highlight Reports for the Project Manager
    • Reviewing the status of the stage
    • Setting Work Package tolerances
    • Ensuring delivery of products in the Managing Product Delivery process
  5. What theme provides all management levels within the project management team with mechanisms for monitoring and control?

    • Progress
    • Change
    • Organization
    • Quality
  6. What do acceptance criteria identify?

    • The approach that will be used to prove whether the project’s products have been completed
    • A measureable improvement resulting from a project outcome
    • The measureable definitions of the attributes for a set of products to be acceptable to key stakeholders
    • The project controls set up during the process Initiating a Project
  7. Identify the missing word in the following sentence: A purpose of the [?] theme is to control any unacceptable deviations from the project’s objectives.

    • Change
    • Plans
    • Progress
    • Risk
  8. Which is a purpose of a Lessons Report?

    • Improve the project management method for future projects
    • Detail open issues and risks that need to be managed after the project has closed
    • Compare the actual performance of the final stage against its plan
    • Provide a summary of the benefits realized during the project
  9. Identify the missing words in the following sentence. A Change Authority may be given a [?] to enable it to finance new requirements.

    • change budget
    • cost tolerance
    • risk budget
    • scope tolerance
  10. How is a Benefits Review Plan used in the Closing a Project process?

    • Checked for inclusion of activities to confirm those benefits which cannot be measured until after project closure
    • To capture the baseline measures against which to assess benefits
    • To capture side-effects (beneficial or adverse) identified during post-project benefits reviews
    • To gain approval for the post-project activities and transfer responsibility to corporate or programme management
  11. Which is a task of product-based planning?

    • Design the plan
    • Create the product flow diagram
    • Analyze the risks
    • Prepare the schedule
  12. Identify the missing word in the following sentence. The [?] theme defines that the Project Board is responsible for the overall direction and management of the project,

    • Progress
    • Plans
    • Organization
    • Business Case
  13. Which is shown in a product breakdown structure?

    • Management stages, major products and control points
    • In which order the products should be created
    • The major products that are to be developed in a plan
    • What resources are required to develop the products
  14. Which is a purpose of the Project Product Description?

    • Define the key responsibilities for delivering product quality
    • Provide information about the state of products
    • Define the quality anticipated by the customer
    • Provide product cost input to the Business Case
  15. Identify the missing words in the following sentence. An objective of the Directing a Project process is to [?] throughout a project’s life,

    • document how risks will be managed
    • identify who will be responsible for quality
    • provide management direction and control
    • define the benefits to be realized
  16. Which is a benefit of using PRINCE2?

    • Is a method specifically designed for technical projects
    • Provides for the efficient and economic use of management time
    • Includes many of the proven planning techniques, such as critical path analysis
    • Can be used to manage both projects and programmes
  17. Which statement describes the responsibilities of a risk actioned?

    • Identifying risks to the project that might occur in their department
    • Owning and authorizing the use of the risk budget to fund risk responses
    • Managing, monitoring and controlling of all aspects of an assigned risk
    • Carrying out a risk response action to respond to a particular risk
  18. Which is a purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process?

    • Enable the Senior Supplier to be provided with sufficient information by the Project Manager so that they can review the success of the current Work Package
    • Provide a controlled link between the Project Manager and the Team Manager(s)
    • Enable the Project Board to request updates to the current Team Plan
    • Establish solid foundations for the project
  19. Which role is responsible for specifying the project benefits?

    • Corporate or programme management
    • Executive
    • Senior User(s)
    • Project Manager
  20. Identify the missing words in the following sentence. The purpose of the Starting up a Project process is as much about [?] as it is about requesting authorization to initiate viable projects,

    • producing an achievable Project Plan
    • preventing poorly-conceived projects from ever being initiated
    • obtaining approval from all stakeholders
    • setting up the required project controls