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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 06

  1. Which is NOT a PRINCE2 principle?

    • Learn from experience
    • Customer/supplier environment
    • Defined roles and responsibilities
    • Continued business justification
  2. Which is NOT a benefit of using PRINCE2?

    • Defines specific leadership, motivational skills and other interpersonal skills required
    • Can be applied to any type of project
    • Promotes learning and continuous improvement
    • Defines a thorough but economical structure of reports
  3. Which statement applies to Stage Plans?

    • Always have the same duration as the Project Plan
    • Are produced at the same time as the Project Initiation Documentation
    • Assist the Project Manager in the day-to-day running and control of the project
    • Provide a baseline against which the Project Board monitor overall progress
  4. Which is a purpose of the Directing a Project process?

    • Provide the information required to confirm if it is worthwhile to initiate a project
    • Enable overall control of a project to be exercised by the Project Board
    • Establish the level of control required by the Project Board after initiation
    • Provide sufficient information so that the current stage can be reviewed and the next Stage Plan approved
  5. Which describes a risk effect?

    • The uncertainty expressed as a negative or favourable occurrence
    • The issue which is affecting the project and has resulted in a risk
    • The impact(s) on the project objectives should the threat or opportunity occur
    • The change in the status of a risk in response to actions taken to control it
  6. What is used to identify any organization or interested party who needs to be informed of project closure?

    • Configuration Management Strategy
    • Project management team structure
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Project Brief
  7. Which products, identified when creating a product breakdown structure, should each have a corresponding entry in the Risk Register?

    • Those that have been completed, but have NOT been quality checked
    • Those that have been broken down into sub-products
    • Those to be created outside the scope of the project
    • Those dependent on more than one other product
  8. Which is NOT obtained from a product’s Product Description?

    • The product’s quality criteria
    • Who will approve the product
    • The quality method to be used
    • The development method to be used
  9. Which is NOT a true statement about the Managing a Stage Boundary process?

    • It provides sufficient information for the Project Board to review the success of the current stage
    • It is used to create an Exception Plan if requested by the Project Board
    • It provides a fixed point at which acceptance of the project product is confirmed
    • It is executed at, or close to, the end of each management stage, except the final one
  10. In which product would you find a product’s quality tolerance defined?

    • Product Description
    • Quality Management Strategy
    • Quality Register
    • Configuration Item Record
  11. Which is the Change Authority role permitted to authorize?

    • Risks to the project
    • Adjustments to the limits on the change budget
    • Changes to stage tolerance
    • Changes to the project that do not exceed a defined budget
  12. Which is an objective of the Initiating a Project process?

    • Develop the corporate quality management system as part of the Project Initiation Documentation
    • Prepare the plans for the subsequent stages
    • Summarize how the organization’s project management method will be tailored for the project
    • Request authority from corporate management to deliver the project
  13. Which is a purpose of the Quality theme?

    • Establish how the project will ensure that all products created meet their requirements
    • Establish quality assurance to maintain the quality management system
    • Identify all the products of the project to ensure the scope has been adequately defined
    • Determine the communication needs of the organization’s quality assurance function
  14. Which does the Executive need to ensure is in place before the project is initiated?

    • All Work Packages are authorized
    • An understanding of how the project will contribute to corporate objectives
    • The Project Plan has been approved
    • The Project Initiation Documentation is complete
  15. Which is NOT one of the levels of plan recommended by PRINCE2?

    • Benefits Review Plan
    • Project Plan
    • Stage Plan
    • Team Plan
  16. Which is a purpose of a Lessons Log?

    • Note any lessons that are raised in Checkpoint Reports
    • Record that corrective action is being taken
    • Escalate lessons to the Project Board
    • Raise improvements with Project Assurance
  17. Which PRINCE2 principle is supported by the setting of tolerances for the three levels of plan?

    • Manage by stages
    • Manage by exception
    • Continued business justification
    • Learn from experience
  18. Which role does NOT set tolerances?

    • Corporate or programme management
    • Project Board
    • Change Authority
    • Project Manager
  19. What theme estimates the cost of delivering the project?

    • Business Case
    • Change
    • Plans
    • Progress
  20. Which is a purpose of the Directing a Project process?

    • Create and authorize the project mandate
    • Ensure that work on products allocated to the team is authorized and agreed
    • Control the day-to-day running of the project
    • Delegate day-to-day management of the project to the Project Manager