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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 04

  1. Which should be used to document any uncompleted work that needs to be done to a project product after the project has closed?

    • Off-specifications
    • Follow-on action recommendations
    • Issue Register
    • Risk Register
  2. Which is a purpose of the Closing a Project process?

    • Authorize the final stage of the project
    • Confirm that all benefits defined in the Business Case have been achieved
    • Recognize whether objectives set out in the original Project Initiation Documentation have been achieved
    • Delegate day-to-day management of the end of the project to the Project Manager
  3. Which is a purpose of an Issue Report?

    • Provide the status of all issues in a Work Package
    • Document an issue that needs to be handled formally
    • Provide the status of all the issues in a stage
    • Notify the Project Manager of all new issues in a Work Package
  4. Which describes risk appetite?

    • An organization’s unique attitude towards risk-taking
    • The risks to the expected benefits
    • A common set of risk categories, risk scales and evaluation techniques
    • The budget set aside for potential changes to the scope of the project
  5. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    Configuration management typically includes [ ? ] as one of the five core activities.

    • exception planning
    • risk assessment
    • stakeholder engagement
    • status accounting
  6. Which project characteristic suggests that projects should have a defined start and a defined end?

    • Change
    • Temporary
    • Cross-functional
    • Risk
  7. Which theme addresses the need to have a strategy for communicating with stakeholders?

    • Quality
    • Organization
    • Plans
    • Progress
  8. Which is performed as part of the recommended risk management procedure?

    • Allocation of a budget to investigate issues facing the project
    • Review of risk management practices to ensure that they are performed effectively
    • Sending of information about risks to the project to project stakeholders
    • Resolution of conflicts between the project and the programme board
  9. Which role is part of the Project Board?

    • Corporate or programme management
    • Risk owner
    • Project Manager
    • Senior Supplier
  10. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    At an agreed frequency, a Team Manager will send a [ ? ] to the Project Manager.

    • Highlight Report
    • Product Status Account
    • Checkpoint Report
    • Work Package
  11. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    At the end of a stage, the [ ? ] should be used to check whether there is a requirement to send copies of the End Stage Report to external interested parties.

    • Stage Plan
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Follow-on action recommendations
    • Quality Management Strategy
  12. Which of the following describes a use of a Configuration Item Record?

    • To record how changes to a product will be controlled
    • To provide information on the approval procedure for the Work Package
    • To record the history of a product
    • To pass responsibility for the delivery of a product to a Team Manager
  13. What product records any time tolerances agreed between the Project Manager and Team Manager?

    • Product Description
    • Work Package
    • Project Initiation Documentation
    • Stage Plan
  14. Who should use the information in a Lessons Report to refine, change and improve the standards within a quality management system?

    • Corporate group
    • Project Board
    • Project Assurance
    • Executive
  15. What product is used to maintain a record of those who have an interest in the project and their information requirements?

    • Project Plan
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Project Brief
    • Project Product Description
  16. Which is part of quality control?

    • Document the project’s acceptance criteria in the Project Product Description
    • Define the quality responsibilities of those involved in the production of the products
    • Produce quality records to show that the planned quality activities have been carried out
    • Maintain the corporate organization’s quality management system
  17. Which product is used by the Project Manager to authorize work?

    • Team Plan
    • Stage Plan
    • Work Package
    • Product Description
  18. Which product records any project outcomes perceived as negative by stakeholders?

    • Business Case
    • Project Plan
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Project Product Description
  19. What theme provides the justification for the project?

    • Quality
    • Plans
    • Progress
    • Business Case
  20. What do customer’s quality expectations identify?

    • Standards that must be used in order to meet the level of quality needed
    • Skills required to develop the project product
    • Measurable definitions of the attributes required for a set of products to be acceptable to the customer
    • Reviewer names for each product