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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 03

  1. Which is created during the Starting up a Project process?

    • Project mandate
    • Project management team role descriptions
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Quality Register
  2. Which activity takes place within the Managing a Stage Boundary process?

    • Produce Highlight Reports
    • Take corrective action within the limits of a stage’s tolerance
    • Produce an Exception Plan
    • Authorize a Stage Plan for the next stage
  3. What takes place during the Closing a Project process?

    • The post-project benefits reviews are performed
    • Ownership of the project’s products is transferred to the customer
    • An End Stage Report is prepared for the final stage
    • The project closure notification is reviewed and approved
  4. Who carries out audits that are independent of the project?

    •  Quality assurance
    • Project Assurance
    • Project Support
    • Project Manager
  5. Which is a purpose of a Project Brief?

    • Enable the assembly of the project mandate
    • Describe the reporting requirements of the various layers of management involved with the project
    • Describe how changes to products will be controlled
    • Provide a solid basis for the initiation of the project
  6. Which characteristic of a project reflects that there are different perspectives and motivations for customers and suppliers?

    • Change
    • Cross-functional
    • Unique
    • Risk
  7. Which aspect of project performance must be managed to avoid misunderstandings on what the project is to deliver?

    • Timescale
    • Scope
    • Risk
    • Costs
  8. Which product documents the information needed to demonstrate continued business justification?

    • Business Case
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Project Product Description
    • Quality Management Strategy
  9. Which is an objective of the Closing a Project process?

    • Review and approve the plan for project closure
    • Review the performance of the project against its baseline
    • Perform any post-project reviews
    • Create a Benefits Review Plan
  10. Which statement about risks is FALSE?

    • A risk that could have a positive impact on a project’s objectives is known as an opportunity
    • A risk that could have a negative impact on a project’s objectives is known as a threat
    • A risk that a project’s product is incomplete is known as an off-specification
    • A risk is an uncertain event that, should it occur, will have an effect on a project’s objectives
  11. Which is one of the six aspects of project performance that needs to be managed?

    • Progress
    • Change
    • Risk
    • Security
  12. During the Managing a Stage Boundary process, what is reviewed and updated to provide the information needed by the Project Board for assessing the continuing viability of the project?

    • Benefits Review Plan
    • Product Status Account
    • Business Case
    • Project Plan
  13. Which is NOT a purpose of a Benefits Review Plan?

    • Define the period over which the cost-benefit analysis will be based
    • Describe how to measure the performance of the project’s products in operational use
    • Define the scope, timing and ownership of the benefit reviews required
    • Describe how to measure and confirm any benefits that are to be realised after the project is closed
  14. In which product does a Project Manager define the time and cost tolerances for the work to be done by a Team Manager?

    • Product Description
    • Team Plan
    • Work Package
    • Stage Plan
  15. What product identifies the management stages and other major control points in a project?

    • Business Case
    • Project Plan
    • Work Package
    • Project Brief
  16. Which does a Project Manager produce to define and control the work to be done?

    • Configuration Item Record
    • Stage scope tolerance
    • Team Plan
    • Work Package
  17. Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence. Quality assurance provides assurance to the [?] that the project is being conducted appropriately whilst Project Assurance provides the same assurance to all the project’s stakeholders.

    • Project Manager
    • Executive
    • corporate or programme management organization
    • Supplier groups
  18. Which describes risk probability?

    • Level of risks which the project can tolerate before escalating to the Project Board
    • Probable effect on the project delivering its objectives
    • Timeframe within which the risk may occur
    • A measure of the likelihood of the risk occurring
  19. Which is NOT a requirement of a Stage Plan?

    • Produced to an appropriate level of detail to enable day-to-day control
    • Produced near to the end of the previous management stage
    • Approved and signed-off by Project Assurance
    • Approved at the end of a management stage
  20. What should influence the Project Board’s decision whether to delegate its Project Assurance responsibilities?

    • The preference of the Project Manager
    • Having insufficient authority to perform the role
    • Having insufficient time to perform the role
    • The need to involve key stakeholders on the project management team