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PRINCE2 RR : Re-Registration : Part 01

  1. Which process is used by a Team Manager to coordinate work on one or more of the project’s products?

    • Initiating a Project
    • Controlling a Stage
    • Managing a Stage Boundary
    • Managing Product Delivery
  2. Which is a purpose of the Starting up a Project process?

    • Prevent poorly conceived projects from ever being initiated
    • Ensure the communication requirements of all stakeholders are documented
    • Learn lessons from this project
    • Document how changes required by corporate or programme management will be reviewed
  3. Which is a type of issue?

    • An expected dis-benefit
    • An off-specification
    • A project outcome
    • A scope tolerance
  4. Which is NOT a recommended quality review team role?

    • Administrator
    • Chair
    • Producer
    • Reviewer
  5. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    The Team Manager should check the [ ? ] for any interfaces that must be maintained while developing products.

    • Project Product Description
    • Project Plan
    • Checkpoint Report
    • Work Package
  6. What process provides the information required to decide whether to authorize the delivery of a project?

    • Directing a Project
    • Initiating a Project
    • Managing Product Delivery
    • Starting up a Project
  7. What is the collective name for individuals or groups who may be affected by a project?

    • Customers
    • Project Support
    • Stakeholders
    • Team members
  8. Which statement is true for ALL project stakeholders?

    • Internal to the corporate organization
    • May either affect or be affected by the project
    • Review the Communication Management Strategy
    • Support the project
  9. Which document should record the agreed amount of risk budget for a project?

    • Project Brief
    • Project Plan
    • Risk Management Strategy
    • Risk Register
  10. Which product describes the roles and responsibilities for achieving the effective management of anticipated threats and opportunities in a project?

    • Quality Management Strategy
    • Risk Management Strategy
    • Communication Management Strategy
    • Configuration Management Strategy
  11. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    A problem/concern, a request for change and [ ? ] are the three types of issue.

    • a constraint
    • a deviation from tolerance
    • an off-specification
    • a threat
  12. Identify the missing word(s) in the following sentence.

    Following initiation, the Controlling a Stage process is used to manage and control each [ ? ] of a project.

    • technical stage
    • benefit
    • management stage
    • Team Plan
  13. Which of the following statements about quality assurance and Project Assurance is true?

    • Project Assurance is the responsibility of the corporate organization; quality assurance is the responsibility of the Project Board
    • Project Assurance is independent of the Project; quality assurance is only independent of the Project Manager
    • Project Assurance may be delegated within a project; quality assurance must be undertaken by the Project Board
    • Project Assurance ensures compliance to standards within the project environment; quality assurance ensures compliance across the organization
  14. Which is one of the three levels of plan in PRINCE2?

    • Benefits Review Plan
    • Programme Plan
    • Team Plan
    • Project Brief
  15. Which is a purpose of the Managing a Stage Boundary process?

    • Provide the Project Board with sufficient information for approving the next stage
    • Approve the next Stage Plan
    • Review and close any risks and issues identified during the previous stage
    • Control the link between the Project Manager and the Team Manager(s)
  16. Which is a true statement about acceptance criteria?

    • Acceptance criteria are used to produce the customer’s quality expectations
    • Acceptance criteria are less specific and precise than customer’s quality expectations
    • Once agreed, acceptance criteria CANNOT be changed
    • Acceptance criteria should be agreed between the customer and the supplier
  17. Which should be funded from a change budget?

    • The Starting up a Project process
    • A fallback plan
    • An agreed change to the scope of a project
    • A change to a plan, within allocated tolerances, due to poor estimating
  18. Which enables the project’s products and all interdependencies to be clearly identified and documented?

    • Product breakdown structure
    • Quality Management Strategy
    • Product-based planning technique
    • Quality review technique
  19. Identify the missing words in the following sentence.

    When planning the next stage, the Project Manager needs to review and, if necessary, update the [ ? ] with regard to external resources or suppliers.

    • Configuration Item Records
    • Business Case
    • Project Brief
    • project management team and/or role descriptions
  20. What theme establishes the mechanisms to judge whether a project is worthwhile investing in?

    • Plans
    • Business Case
    • Risk
    • Quality