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PRINCE2 PT : Practitioner : Part 05

  1. During which of the following activities is the Project Product Description created?

    • Design and appoint the Project Management Team
    • Prepare the outline business case
    • Select the project approach and assemble the project brief
    • Plan the initiation stage
  2. Which of the following is NOT an objective of Initiating a Project?

    • Understanding the scope of what is to be done and the products to be delivered
    • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the Project Management Team
    • Understand how quality required will be achieved
    • Understand how progress will be monitored and controlled
  3. Which other management product is created when the Business case is updated during Initiating a Project?

    • Post project review plan
    • Risk Register
    • Benefits Review plan
    • Issue Register
  4. Who is responsible for the initial creation of the Configuration Item records?

    • Project Manager
    • Team Manager
    • Project Assurance
    • Project Support
  5. Which statement is an appropriate entry for the Lessons Log?

    • This is the first time that the Ministry of Food Hygiene (MFH) has been involved in outsourcing.
    • Based on feedback from other government departments, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has provided the names of two outsourcing companies that are unreliable and should not be included as potential service providers.
    • The feasibility study estimated that the outsourcing project would take two years to complete.
    • Only the Information Technology Division and Facilities Division will be outsourced.
  6. Which statement is an appropriate entry for the outline Business Case heading within the Project Brief?

    • 10-year service contract should be agreed with the selected service provider.
    • External consultants were employed to conduct a feasibility study to identify the options, their likely costs and benefits.
    • The project will run for two years and the benefits will be realized over 1a years.
    • The project should be split into four management stages.
  7. Which statement is an appropriate entry for the project approach heading within the Project Brief?

    • The initial estimates from the feasibility study will be verified during the initiation stage.
    • MFH must better manage suppliers’ performance.
    • The Information Technology Division and the Facilities Division will be outsourced to a single service provider.
    • The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring that the agreed project approach remains an appropriate choice.
  8. Which statement is an appropriate entry for the Initiation Stage Plan?

    • The Daily Log has been updated with the new risks which were identified while preparing the Initiation Stage Plan.
    • The plan is based on the external outsourcing consultants being available at the start of the initiation stage.
    • The initial project cost estimate of £2.5m, will have a tolerance of +£125k J•£75k.
    • The project management team will consist of representatives from the IT and Facilities Divisions.
  9. During stage 1 the level of performance expected from the service provider was changed.
    After this change was agreed which of these products will require updating?

    • Project Brief because this is maintained throughout the project to reflect the customer’s quality expectations.
    • Project Product Description because this contains details of the expected performance of the project’s products.
    • Quality Management Strategy because this is where all of the customer’s quality expectations of the project’s products should be documented.
  10. While capturing previous lessons, the Project Manager discovered several interesting facts about outsourcing.

    Which fact is an appropriate lesson for the Outsourcing project?

    • Outsourcing is a growth industry and is being implemented by many private sector organizations.
    • Four other government departments are also considering outsourcing some of their business functions next year.
    • Contracts with service providers should include the timescale within which readiness for service is expected following the transfer of equipment and staff.
  11. While deciding on how the work of the project should be approached the following were considered.

    Which statement is appropriate for inclusion in the project approach heading in the Project Brief?

    • The Project Manager will involve the selected service provider in the creation of the Stage Plan for stage 4.
    • New up-to-date software will be obtained to produce the graphical sections of the Project and Stage Plans.
    • The detailed designs (future process, systems, operating and organization models) will be based on the existing high-level designs.
  12. While planning the initiation stage, the Project Manager reviewed some threats that had been recorded in the Daily Log.

    Which threat should have been assessed for possible risk responses to be included in the Initiation Stage Plan?

    • MFH has no experience in outsourcing and this may affect understanding of what is required, resulting in inadequate plans and strategies.
    • The Project Brief is a complex document and may not be approved by the Executive.
    • There is a shortage of service providers so there is a possibility that no suitable service providers respond to the request for proposals. This would prevent the Outsourcing project from proceeding.
  13. While preparing the Risk Management Strategy, the Project Manager considered the commercial customer/supplier environment and how this may affect the management of risk. Which approach should the Outsourcing project adopt?

    • Plan to use the selected service provider’s risk management procedures.
    • All project risks associated with the specialist deliverables should be owned by the selected service provider.
    • Due to the sensitive nature of this project, consideration should be given to creating a separate Risk Register to be held by MFH and the selected supplier.
  14. While preparing the Configuration Management Strategy, the Project Manager considered the options for change control. He decided to recommend a change budget of £250k, but was undecided on the Change Authority to recommend.

    Which option is an appropriate Change Authority for the Outsourcing project?

    • The selected service provider to approve and implement all changes.
    • Senior User(s) and Project Assurance representatives, within the limits of the recommended change budget.
    • The Director of Facilities and the Director of Information Technology to approve all changes.
  15. While preparing the Quality Management Strategy, the Project Manager noticed that the corporate quality management system does not specifically cover project management.

    Which option provides an appropriate way for the Project Manager proceed?

    • Record the development of a corporate quality management system for project management as a prerequisite of the Project Plan.
    • Proceed with the project without a Quality Management Strategy and adopt the selected service provider’s standards in stage 4.
    • Seek relevant organizational standards, then facilitate a workshop to discuss the Quality Management Strategy with Project Assurance.
  16. Which project controls should be established for the Outsourcing project?

    • Highlight Reports to the Project Manager; Exception Reports to the Project Board when project tolerances are forecast to be exceeded.
    • Highlight Reports to the Project Board; Exception Reports to corporate management when stage tolerances are forecast to be exceeded.
    • Highlight Reports to the Project Board; Exception Reports to the Project Board when stage or project tolerances are forecast to be exceeded.


    Here are three actions carried out by the project manager during the ‘starting up a project’ process.

    As part of which activity (A-F) should each action be carried out?

    Choose only one activity for each action. Each activity can be used once, more than once, or not at all.

    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q17 044 Question
    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q17 044 Question
    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q17 044 Answer
    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q17 044 Answer
  18. During the ‘starting up a project’ process, the project manager discusses the standard model for course development with the executive. The project manager then assesses how the Health and Safety Training Project will be delivered, including what products should be delivered in each stage.

    Is this an appropriate way to carry out the ‘plan the initiation stage’ activity, and why?

    • Yes, because the work of the initiation stage needs to be planned and approved, in the same way as other project work.
    • Yes, because the management controls for the initiation stage need to be defined and approved by the project board.
    • No, because subsequent stages are planned in the initiation stage as part of creating the project plan.
    • No, because the senior supplier is responsible for assessing the viability of the project approach.
  19. During stage 3, the team manager reports that the work to update the ‘corporate quality procedures’ has been completed and the product is ready to be delivered.

    What should project assurance do next?

    • Update the team plan to show that the work package is complete.
    • Check the work package and follow the procedure to deliver completed products.
    • Verify that all the products to be delivered by the work package are approved.
    • Update the stage plan to show the work package as completed.


    Here are three items of information relating to the ‘initiating a project’ process for the project.

    As part of which activity (A-F) should this information be recorded?

    Choose only one theme for each activity. Each theme can be used once, more than once, or not at all.

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    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q20 045 Question
    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q20 045 Answer
    PRINCE2 PT Practitioner Part 05 Q20 045 Answer