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PMI-ACP : PMI Agile Certified Practitioner : Part 11

  1. Continuous attention to_____________ and good design enhances agility.

    • Best architectures
    • Technical excellence
    • Robust plans
    • Change control
  2. The best description of a Sprint backlog is:

    • Daily progress for a Sprint over the Sprint’s length
    • A prioritized list of tasks to be completed during the project
    • A prioritized list of requirements to be completed during the Sprint
    • A prioritized list of requirements to be completed for a release
  3. This Agile methodology focuses on efficiency and habitability as components of project safety.

    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Extreme Programming
    • Crystal Clear
  4. A time-boxed period to research a concept and/or create a simple prototype is called a(an):

    • Sprint
    • Iteration
    • Spike
    • Retrospective
  5. In Scrum, who is responsible for managing the team?

    • Scrum Master
    • Project Manager
    • Development Team
    • Product Owner
  6. Simplicity – the art of_______________ is essential

    • Maximizing the amount of work not done
    • Minimizing the amount of work done
    • Maximizing the customer collaboration
    • Minimizing contract negotiation
  7. This approach includes a visual process management system and an approach to incremental, evolutionary process changes for organizations.

    • Kanban
    • Scrum
    • Extreme programming
    • Agile Unified Process
  8. Which following statement is the least accurate regarding the Burndown chart?

    • It is calculated using hours or points
    • It is updated by the development team daily
    • It provides insight into the quality of the product
    • It reflects work remaining
  9. What can be described as “one or two written sentences; a series of conversations about the desired functionality.”

    • User Story
    • Story point
    • Epic
    • Product roadmap
  10. This artifact contains release names with expected dates and includes major features, client-side impacts, server-side applications, platform support and markets served:

    • Risk burndown graph
    • Product roadmap
    • Release migration plan
    • Product vision
  11. Which statement is least accurate when providing a definition of “Done”?

    • It is the exit criteria to determine whether a product backlog item is complete
    • It may vary depending on the project
    • It is defined by the Scrum Master
    • It becomes more complete over time
  12. All of the following are among the seven principles of the Lean approach with the exception of:

    • Amplified learning
    • Decide as late as possible
    • Build integrity in
    • Maximize the work performed
  13. Typically calculated in story points, this is the rate at which the team converts “Done” items in a single Sprint:

    • Burndown rate
    • Burn-up rate
    • Velocity
    • Capacity
  14. All of the following occur in the second half of the Sprint planning meeting EXCEPT:

    • The Development Team identifies improvements that it will implement in the next Sprint
    • The Product Owner is answers questions and clarifies User Stories
    • The Development Team commits to work in the Sprint
    • Tasks are defined for the User Stories
  15. The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from:

    • Hand-picked teams
    • Co-located teams
    • Self-organizing teams
    • Cross-functional teams
  16. The Sprint retrospective:

    • Is intended to promote continuous process improvements
    • Is held at the end of each release
    • Is conducted to provide the sponsor with key information on team progress
    • Is optional
  17. An iteration prior to a release that includes final documentation, integration testing, training and some small tweaks is called:

    • Hardening Iteration
    • Buffer Iteration
    • Release Iteration
    • Integration Iteration
  18. Analyzing the current organizational processes, per project requirements, and making needed process changes is called:

    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Release Planning
    • Use Case Development
    • Process Tailoring
  19. At the end of first iteration, the team finishes User Stories A, Band 50% of C. What is the team velocity?

    PMI-ACP PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Part 11 Q019 005
    PMI-ACP PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Part 11 Q019 005
    • 11.5
    • 9
    • 14
    • 16
  20. Suppose 8 new members joined the development team, and the team size is now 15. The daily Scrum is getting noisy and exceeding the 15 minutes time-box. What is the most effective way to address this situation?

    • Divide the team into two teams with minimum dependency and have two separate daily Scrums.
    • Do nothing; allow the large team to exceed the time-box by a few minutes each meeting.
    • Increase the time-box for the daily Scrum to 30 minutes.
    • Ask the team members to only update on the impediments and highlight only the important ones.