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PMI-ACP : PMI Agile Certified Practitioner : Part 09

  1. Which is the first step in setting up Kanban?

    • Place prioritized goals on the left column of the board
    • Decide on limits for items in queue and work in progress
    • Map your current workflow
    • Lay out a visual Kanban board
  2. Which Agile framework adopts and tailors methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Agile Modeling (AM), Unified Process (UP), Kanban and Agile Data (AD) in order to support scaling.

    • DSDM
    • Crystal
    • Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)
    • Agile Delivery Framework (ADF)
  3. Project X has an IRR of 12%, and Project Y has an IRR of 10%. Which project should be chosen as a better investment for the organization?

    • It depends on the payback period
    • Project Y
    • Project X
    • Project or Y, depending on the NPV
  4. What is a product roadmap?

    • A list of reports and screens
    • A view of release candidates
    • Instructions for deployment
    • A backlog prioritization scheme
  5. Your sponsor has asked for clarification on when releases of your product will ship and what those releases will contain. Which Agile deliverable would best answer their needs?

    • Product demo
    • Product roadmap
    • Product backlog
    • Sprint backlog
  6. The acronym MoSCoW stands for a form of:

    • Estimation
    • Risk identification
    • Prioritization
    • Reporting
  7. What is the reason to develop personas as part of User Story creation?

    • When the conversation is centered on the high-level flow of a process
    • When trying to better understand stakeholder demographics and general needs
    • When trying to capture the high-level objective of a specific requirement
    • When communicating what features will be included in the next release
  8. When comparing communication styles, which of the following are true?

    • Paper-based communication has the lowest efficiency and the highest richness
    • Face-to-face communication has the highest efficiency and the lowest richness
    • Paper-based communication has the highest efficiency and the lowest richness
    • Face-to-face communication has the highest efficiency and the highest richness
  9. Highly visible project displays are called:

    • Project radiators
    • Information refrigerators
    • Information radiators
    • Project distributors
  10. Well-written User Stories that follow the INVEST model include which attributes?

    • Independent, Negotiable, Smart
    • Valuable, Easy-to-use, Timely
    • Negotiate, Estimable, Small
    • Independent, Valuable, Timely
  11. Wireframe models help Agile teams:

    • Test designs
    • Confirm designs
    • Configure reports
    • Track velocity
  12. Which of the following is the hierarchy of User Story creation?

    • Task, User, Story, Feature, Theme
    • Theme, Epic, User Story, Task
    • User Story, Epic, Theme, Feature
    • Goal, Epic, Activity, User Story
  13. Which of the following statements is true for measuring team velocity?

    • Velocity is not accurate when there are meetings that cut into development time.
    • Velocity measurements are disrupted when some project resources are part-time.
    • Velocity tracking does not allow for scope changes during the project.
    • Velocity measurements account for work done and disruptions on the project.
  14. Self-organizing teams are characterized by their ability to:

    • Do their own filing
    • Sit where they like
    • Make local decisions
    • Make project-based decisions
  15. High-performing teams feature which of the following sets of characteristics?

    • Consensus-driven, empowered, low trust
    • Self-organizing, plan-driven, empowered
    • Constructive disagreement, empowered, self-organizing
    • Consensus-driven, empowered, plan-driven
  16. Which of the following sets of tools is least likely to be utilized by an Agile team?

    • Digital camera, task board
    • Wiki, planning poker cards
    • WBS, PERT charts
    • Smart board, card wall
  17. Who typically has the best insight into task execution?

    • Project managers
    • Team members
    • Scrum Masters
    • Agile coaches
  18. A servant leadership role includes:

    • Shielding team members from interruptions
    • Making commitments to stakeholders
    • Determining which features to include in an iteration
    • Assigning tasks to save time
  19. All of the following are TRUE about communicating on distributed teams EXCEPT:

    • Should consider instant messaging tools
    • Should have an easier Storming phase
    • Need to spend more effort communicating
    • Have a higher need for videoconferencing
  20. What is the sequence of Tuckman’s stages of team formation and development progress?

    • Storming
    • Performing
    • Norming
    • Forming

    D, A, C, B (In that order)