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050-733 : SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 12 : Part 05

  1. What is the file /etc/grub.d/10_linux doing?

    • It identifies Linux kernels on the root device and creates relevant menu entries
    • It sets Linux related environmental variables.
    • Maps BIOS drives and Linux devices.
    • Loads a Linux kernel and initramfs



  2. What does the command lvscan do?

    • Displays RAID disks
    • Displays LVM logical volumes
    • Displays status of KVM virtual machines
    • Displays memory usage of the kernel
  3. Which statement about the Set User ID bit on executable files is correct?

    • The SUID should only be set when really needed and only on applications that are well tested.
    • The SUID bit has no security implications.
    • The SUID bit makes it more difficult to exploit any potential vulnerabilities in the program.
    • The SUID bit on executables has no effect; it is only relevant when set on directories.
  4. What commands can be used to view processes? (Choose three.)

    • ps
    • top
    • tree
    • procview
    • pstree
    • less
    • pr
    • nice
    • sysinfo
  5. What is the “users” option in /etc/fstab used for?

    • It specifies the partitions that are not bootable by a user.
    • It allows any user to mount and unmount a partition.
    • It specifies the partitions that are bootable by a user.
    • A normal user is not allowed to access this partition.
  6. You have a /tmp/data directory containing the files file, file1, and file2.

    You want to delete the directory and its content. In a terminal window, which command accomplishes this?

    • rm -r /tmp/data/
    • deldir /tmp/data/
    • rmdir /tmp/data/
    • rm /tmp/data/
  7. Which statements about the LVM components are correct? (Choose two.)

    • Logical volumes are grouped in a master group.
    • A volume group always consists of one physical volume.
    • A volume group can be reduced in size by removing physical volumes.
    • The operating system accesses the volume groups like conventional physical partitions.
    • A volume group is part of a logical volume.
    • A physical volume can be a partition or an entire hard disk.
  8. What systemd command switches to a single user system without network?

    • systemctl isolate
    • systemctl isolate
    • systemctl switch
    • systemctl –runlevel=1
    • systemctl set-default
  9. What command displays hardware information?

    • info
    • hardwarechk
    • hwcheck
    • hwinfo
    • sysinfo
  10. How large is the MBR?

    • 8 KBytes
    • 1 KByte
    • 1 MByte
    • 512 Bytes
    • 256 Bytes
  11. What is the Multiple Device RAID configuration file?

    • /etc/md.conf
    • /etc/raid.conf
    • /etc/mdadm.conf
    • /etc/raid/md.conf
  12. What is described as follows:

    If content of a block changes, the changed block is put beside the non-changed block.

    • Rollback
    • Journaling
    • Subvolume
    • Copy on write
  13. What does the following command do?

    tar -tzvf /tmp/backup.tgz etc/HOSTNAME

    • it includes the etc/HOSTNAME file in the /tmp/backup.tgz archive.
    • it extracts the etc/HOSTNAME file from the /tmp/backup.tgz archive.
    • it displays a line similar to the following, but otherwise does nothing:
      -rw-r–r— riit/root 23 2005-03-11 14:20 etc/HOSTNAME
    • it produces an error message because the options are in the wrong sequence.
  14. You do not want to see any error messages when using the find command; you want to see only the results.

    Which command accomplishes this task?

    • find /etc -name “*conf” 3>/dev/null
    • find /etc -name “*conf” 0>/dev/null
    • find /etc -name “*conf” 2>/dev/null
    • find /etc -name “*conf” 1>/dev/null
  15. To which process does the process ID 1 always belong on SLES12?

    • boot
    • kernel (vmlinuz)
    • init
    • systemd
    • X server
    • cron
  16. How can you list the updates that are available for your system?

    • zypper lu
    • zypper dup
    • zypper se -t patch
    • zypper pch list
  17. What is the output of the echo ‘$HOME’ command when user geeko (home directory /home/geeko) enters it at the bash shell prompt?

    • geeko
    • /home/geeko
    • $HOME: No such file or directory
    • $HOME
  18. You want to find out if files from the wget package were altered since they were installed.

    Which command will give you this information?

    • rpm -qf wget
    • rpm -v wget
    • rpm -F wget
    • rpm -V wget
  19. What systemd target represents a runlevel as known from System V?

    • Target
    • Service
    • Scope
    • Pointer
    • Socket
  20. Which statement is correct?

    • The netdate command and the ntpd use the same port
    • The Network Time Protocol uses port 123, TCP
    • A Stratum 16 server is one that sets it’s time by some external reference clock, such as an atomic clock.
    • NTP aims at correcting the system time without sudden bigger changes.
    • /etc/clock.conf is the NTP daemon configuration file.