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CISSP-ISSMP : Information Systems Security Management Professional : Part 07

  1. Which of the following types of evidence is considered as the best evidence?

    • A copy of the original document
    • Information gathered through the witness’s senses
    • The original document 
    • A computer-generated record
  2. Peter works as a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. He has been called by an organization to conduct a seminar to give necessary information related to sexual harassment within the work place. Peter started with the definition and types of sexual harassment. He then wants to convey that it is important that records of the sexual harassment incidents should be maintained, which helps in further legal prosecution. Which of the following data should be recorded in this documentation? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

    • Names of the victims 
    • Location of each incident 
    • Nature of harassment
    • Date and time of incident
  3. Electronic communication technology refers to technology devices, such as computers and cell phones, used to facilitate communication. Which of the following is/are a type of electronic communication? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

    • Internet telephony
    • Instant messaging
    • Electronic mail
    • Post-it note
    • Blogs 
    • Internet teleconferencing
  4. You are a project manager of a large construction project. Within the project you are working with several vendors to complete different phases of the construction. Your client has asked that you arrange for some of the materials a vendor is to install next week in the project to be changed. According to the change management plan what subsystem will need to manage this change request?

    • Cost
    • Resources
    • Contract 
    • Schedule
  5. Which of the following strategies is used to minimize the effects of a disruptive event on a company, and is created to prevent interruptions to normal business activity?

    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Continuity of Operations Plan
    • Contingency Plan
    • Business Continuity Plan
  6. What is a stakeholder analysis chart?

    • It is a matrix that documents stakeholders’ threats, perceived threats, and communication needs. 
    • It is a matrix that identifies all of the stakeholders and to whom they must report to.
    • It is a matrix that documents the stakeholders’ requirements, when the requirements were created, and when the fulfillment of the requirements took place.
    • It is a matrix that identifies who must communicate with whom.
  7. Which of the following laws or acts, formed in Australia, enforces prohibition against cyber stalking?

    • Malicious Communications Act (1998)
    • Anti-Cyber-Stalking law (1999)
    • Stalking Amendment Act (1999) 
    • Stalking by Electronic Communications Act (2001)
  8. In which of the following SDLC phases is the system’s security features configured and enabled, the system is tested and installed or fielded, and the system is authorized for processing?

    • Initiation Phase
    • Development/Acquisition Phase
    • Implementation Phase 
    • Operation/Maintenance Phase
  9. Which of the following roles is responsible for review and risk analysis of all contracts on a regular basis?

    • The Configuration Manager
    • The Supplier Manager 
    • The Service Catalogue Manager
    • The IT Service Continuity Manager
  10. Against which of the following does SSH provide protection? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

    • IP spoofing 
    • Broadcast storm
    • Password sniffing 
    • DoS attack
  11. Which of the following steps is the initial step in developing an information security strategy?

    • Perform a technical vulnerabilities assessment.
    • Assess the current levels of security awareness.
    • Perform a business impact analysis.
    • Analyze the current business strategy.
  12. Which of the following acts is a specialized privacy bill that affects any educational institution to accept any form of funding from the federal government?

    • HIPAA
    • COPPA
    • FERPA 
    • GLBA
  13. You are the project manager of the HJK project for your organization. You and the project team have created risk responses for many of the risk events in the project. A teaming agreement is an example of what risk response?

    • Mitigation
    • Sharing 
    • Acceptance
    • Transference
  14. Ned is the program manager for his organization and he’s considering some new materials for his program. He and his team have never worked with these materials before and he wants to ask the vendor for some additional information, a demon, and even some samples. What type of a document should Ned send to the vendor?

    • IFB
    • RFQ
    • RFP
    • RFI
  15. Which of the following contract types is described in the statement below? “This contract type provides no incentive for the contractor to control costs and hence is rarely utilized.”

    • Cost Plus Fixed Fee
    • Cost Plus Percentage of Cost 
    • Cost Plus Incentive Fee
    • Cost Plus Award Fee
  16. Which of the following statements about the integrity concept of information security management are true? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

    • It ensures that unauthorized modifications are not made to data by authorized personnel or processes. 
    • It determines the actions and behaviors of a single individual within a system
    • It ensures that modifications are not made to data by unauthorized personnel or processes. 
    • It ensures that internal information is consistent among all subentities and also consistent with the real-world, external situation.
  17. Which of the following subphases are defined in the maintenance phase of the life cycle models?

    • Change control 
    • Configuration control
    • Request control 
    • Release control
  18. Which of the following protocols is used with a tunneling protocol to provide security?

    • FTP
    • IPX/SPX
    • IPSec 
    • EAP
  19. Which of the following recovery plans includes specific strategies and actions to deal with specific variances to assumptions resulting in a particular security problem, emergency, or state of affairs?

    • Business continuity plan
    • Disaster recovery plan
    • Continuity of Operations Plan
    • Contingency plan
  20. Joseph works as a Software Developer for Web Tech Inc. He wants to protect the algorithms and the techniques of programming that he uses in developing an application. Which of the following laws are used to protect a part of software?

    • Code Security law
    • Trademark laws
    • Copyright laws
    • Patent laws