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CISA : Certified Information Systems Auditor : Part 78

  1. Which of the following is the BEST way to mitigate the risk associated with a document storage application that has a syncing feature that could allow malware to spread to other machines in the network?

    • An audit should be conducted to detect shadow data and shadow IT in the network.
    • User behavior modeling and analysis should be performed to discover anomalies in user behavior.
    • Content inspection technologies should be used to scan files for sensitive data.
    • All files should be scanned when they are uploaded to and downloaded from the application.
  2. After an employee termination, a network account was removed, but the application account remained active. To keep this issue from recurring, which of the following is the BEST recommendation?

    • Integrate application accounts with network single sign-on.
    • Perform periodic access reviews.
    • Leverage shared accounts for the application.
    • Retrain system administration staff.
  3. Which of the following incident management practices would BEST facilitate rapid resolution and reduce downtime from unplanned interruptions?

    • Ensuring the service desk has access to catalogs of known errors
    • Ensuring IT systems are monitored on a continual basis
    • Ensuring incidents with unknown root causes are escalated
    • Ensuring the service desk is trained on issue resolution
  4. Which of the following would BEST help to ensure that an incident receives attention from appropriate personnel in a timely manner?

    • Implementing incident escalation procedures
    • Broadcasting an emergency message
    • Completing the incident management log
    • Requiring a dedicated incident response team
  5. What is an IS auditor’s BEST recommendation to strengthen security guidelines in order to prevent data leakage from the use of smart devices?

    • Include usage restrictions for smart devices in the security procedures.
    • Require employees to formally acknowledge security procedures.
    • Review the access logs to the organization’s sensitive data in a timely manner.
    • Enforce strong security settings on smart devices.
  6. Which type of risk has materialized when an internal IS auditor discovers an issue that external auditors missed due to improperly applied audit procedures?

    • Detection risk
    • Inherent risk
    • Sampling risk
    • Control risk
  7. Following a security breach, an IS auditor finds an organization’s transport layer security (TLS) certificate is compromised. Which of the following would be the auditor’s BEST recommendation to the system administrator?

    • Disable and retrieve the key from escrow.
    • Revoke and regenerate TLS certificates.
    • Repurchase the key from the certification authority (CA).
    • Re-issue TLS certificates with a new effective date.
  8. Which of the following BEST facilitates scalability objectives for an organization that anticipates a significant increase in web traffic?

    • Load balancers
    • Distributive allocation of servers
    • Failover clusters
    • Redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID)
  9. Which of the following is the BEST way to detect system security breaches?

    • Ensuring maximum interoperability among systems throughout the organization
    • Performing intrusion tests on a regular basis
    • Conducting frequent vulnerability scans
    • Conducting continuous monitoring with an automated system security tool
  10. Backups will MOST effectively minimize a disruptive incident’s impact on a business if they are:

    • stored on write-once read-many media.
    • performed by automated backup software on a fixed schedule.
    • scheduled according to the service delivery objectives.
    • taken according to recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  11. An organization has outsourced its help desk services. Which of the following would be MOST useful in evaluating the quality of the service provider?

    • Benchmark results against industry peers
    • Percentage of cases reopened
    • End-user satisfaction survey results
    • Average waiting time in queue
  12. Which of the following is the BEST justification for an organization’s decision to go with active-active application clustering instead of active-passive?

    • High availability is a priority.
    • Increased demand on network latency is a concern.
    • Load balancing is a priority.
    • The relevant application is not set up to be cluster-aware.
  13. Which of the following tasks would cause the GREATEST segregation of duties (SoD) concern if performed by the person who reconciles the organization’s device inventory?

    • Tracking devices used for spare parts
    • Approving the issuing of devices
    • Creating the device policy
    • Issuing devices to employees
  14. Which of the following audit procedures would provide the BEST assurance that an application program is functioning as designed?

    • Reviewing program documentation
    • Confirming accounts
    • Interviewing business management
    • Using a continuous auditing module
  15. Which of the following would BEST indicate a mature information security program within an organization?

    • A decrease in the cost of the IT security program
    • A decrease in the average time to remediate vulnerabilities
    • A decrease in time from incident identification to containment
    • A decrease in the number of attempted attacks per month
  16. Segregation of duties would be compromised if:

    • operations staff modified batch schedules.
    • application programmers moved programs into production.
    • application programmers accessed test data.
    • database administrators (DBAs) modified the structure of user tables.
  17. Which of the following stakeholders is accountable for control evaluations during a control self-assessment (CSA)?

    • Chief internal auditor
    • Enterprise risk management
    • Quality assurance management
    • Department managers
  18. Which of the following approaches provides the BEST assurance and user confidence when an organization migrates data to a more complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?

    • Pilot testing
    • User acceptance testing
    • Phased changeover
    • Parallel processing
  19. Which is a clear indicator that an organization’s IS strategic planning is inadequate?

    • Lack of infrastructure service performance measurement
    • Disjoined decision making about infrastructure
    • Resource conflicts between infrastructure projects
    • Infrastructure services provided by multiple vendors
  20. An organization has fully outsourced its email functions to a third-party cloud service provider. Which of the following is the MOST important responsibility of the IT unit supporting this function?

    • Reassessing service provider contracts annually
    • Monitoring service provider performance
    • Reviewing independent audit reports of the service provider
    • Approving timely service provider payments