How is a VLAN best described?

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How is a VLAN best described?

  • subnet
  • segment
  • collision domain
  • broadcast domain

A VLAN can best be described as a broadcast domain. A broadcast domain is a group of devices such that when one device in the group sends a broadcast, all the other devices in the group will receive that broadcast. Switching can segment a flat network into many smaller collision domains, but all stations must process all broadcasts. VLANs solve this problem by creating separate broadcast domains.

A subnet is an IP-addressing division where one subnet’s broadcasts are isolated to only that subnet, and no broadcast traffic crosses the subnet divisions without being routed. While in most cases each VLAN may be its own subnet, this is not always the case.

A LAN segment is a general term for a subnet or broadcast domain.

A collision domain is a domain where two or more devices in the domain could cause a collision by sending frames at the same time. Each port on a switch will host a collision domain.

Layer 2 Technologies
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