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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 20

  1. The project team is moving from high-level risks to detailed risks. Which of the following project phases is the project team moving between?

    • Execution to monitor and control
    • Initiation to planning
    • Initiation to monitor and control
    • Planning to execution
  2. A project manager determines deliverables are not meeting customer specifications. During which of the following project phases is this determination MOST likely to happen?

    • Monitor and control
    • Execution
    • Closing
    • Planning
  3. During a CCB, a SME evaluated the impact and provided new information because of business process changes for handling potential failure. Which of the following documents should be updated?

    • Incident response
    • Project plan
    • Risk register
    • Business continuity plan
  4. Which of the following represents the order of the team development stages?

    • Forming, storming, norming, performing
    • Forming, performing, storming, norming
    • Forming, norming, storming, performing
    • Forming, norming, performing, storming
  5. A PM notes a feature that was delivered does not appear in the latest requirement document. The PM immediately submits a change request for remediation. Which of the following actions has the PM omitted?

    • Identifying the risk
    • Obtaining approval from the CCB
    • Evaluating the impact of the risk
    • Communicating to stakeholders
  6. Which of the following should a project manager consider as part of a make or buy analysis?

    • Organization type
    • KPIs
    • Project charter
    • Trade secrets
  7. A project manager is assigned a project that is part of the company’s strategic objectives. Of which of the following is the project a part?

    • Project management office
    • Portfolio
    • Program
    • Mission statement
  8. A project needs two more months of work to be completed, but the deadline is in 35 days. The project manager heard the company recently hired an experienced person. The project manager scheduled a meeting with the functional manager to negotiate bringing the experienced person to the team. Which of the following strategies is the project manager trying to apply?

    • Exploit
    • Mitigate
    • Accept
    • Transfer
  9. There is a project in which the team can only meet once every three months. When the team does meet, no one can remember what was discussed and decided upon last time; thus, progress is being delayed. Which of the following project management tools would help?

    • Issue log
    • Project charter
    • Dashboard
    • Meeting minutes
  10. Which of the following are the roles involved in a Scrum project?

    • Scrum master, development team, quality coach
    • Scrum master, business analyst, product owner
    • Scrum master, product owner, development team
    • Scrum master, project sponsor, business analyst
  11. Ann, a project manager, is working for a new company. On her first project, the assigned project resources do not follow her direction. She is not allowed to authorize contractors because they say she does not have the authority. Which of the following is the MOST likely explanation for what is happening?

    • Ann is new to the organization so no one trusts her
    • Ann has not developed a communications plan
    • The project team is functional
    • The project has not started
  12. In a projectized organization, a project manager has a need for a testing resource. The first place the project manager should look for this resource is:

    • a dedicated resource pool
    • an allocated resource pool
    • a shared resource pool
    • a benched resource pool
  13. A fire alarm goes off in the building where the project team works. Employees are instructed to leave the premises immediately using the stairs; they are not to use elevators, and they must gather in one place outside the building for further instructions. This is known as a:

    • business change response
    • change management response
    • business continuity response
    • risk management response
  14. A PM has a complex project that requires coordination among numerous stakeholders. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate type of meeting for the stakeholders to hold?

    • Virtual
    • Impromptu
    • One-on-one
    • In-person
  15. A project sponsor approaches the project manager with a change request. During the conversation, the project sponsor claims to understand the impact of the change to the project length and has the budget to handle the cost. The sponsor also tells the project manager to send whatever needs a signature. The project manager’s NEXT step should be to:

    • document the change
    • implement the change
    • communicate the change
    • prioritize the change
  16. The managing director of a law firm has asked the project manager to create a scope statement for a new contract. Which of the following should be included in the scope statement? (Choose two.)

    • Scope creep
    • Deliverables
    • Business requirements
    • Project schedule
    • Gate review
    • Key performance indicators
  17. Risk ID 2 has occurred.

    PK0-004 Part 20 Q17 018
    PK0-004 Part 20 Q17 018

    Which of the following ways should the project manager update the risk register?

    • Add a column for probability and set risk 2 at 100%
    • Change the risk 2 response to backups restored
    • Change the risk 2 status to issue
    • Change the risk 2 owner to PM
  18. A company purchased a parachute supplier and is now sending parachutes to the research and development department. Which of the following has occurred?

    • Risk avoidance
    • Outsourcing
    • Business demerger
    • Business acquisition
  19. Which of the following tasks are responsibilities of the project manager role?

    • Provide inputs, estimate tasks, and manage a team
    • Manage the budget, perform quality assurance, and be accountable for artifacts
    • Set deliverables, control risk, manage risk, and create a project charter
    • Manage a team, marketing, roadblocks, and project steering
  20. A company was originally organized using a functional structure; however, the company has decided to go forward with a matrix structure to get the most utilization of resources. This is an example of:

    • a business process change
    • personal preference
    • internal reorganization
    • intraorganizational differences