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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 14

  1. New requirements were introduced during the execution phase of a project, and the team believes this will impact the project cost but not the timely completion of project deliverables.

    Which of the following is the BEST way for the PM to validate the assessment?

    • Ask the team for estimates, and review the project schedule and budget.
    • Ask the team to review the product scope and validate its impact on the schedule and quality.
    • Ask the team for estimates, and review the cost management plan.
    • Ask the team to perform a SWOT analysis, and validate the assessment.
  2. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques relies on establishing areas of agreement rather than disagreement?

    • Smoothing
    • Collaborating
    • Compromising
    • Avoiding
  3. During the planning phase of a construction project, the project team discovers the site is the nesting area of rare birds, and construction could disrupt the birds’ patterns. Lobbyists would like the team to move the project down the road.

    Which of the following constraint and influencer types are involved in this scenario?

    • Environmental; resources
    • Environmental; stakeholders
    • Deliverables; resources
    • Deliverables; stakeholders
  4. Which of the following features describe a projectized organization? (Choose two.)

    • The project manager has less authority over the project team than in a strong matrix.
    • Team members are solely dedicated to project activities.
    • The functional manager has full authority over the project team members.
    • The project manager has full authority over the project team members.
    • Team members from various departments are assigned to the project.
  5. Which of the following are the BEST risk analysis tools to determine a project’s risk level? (Choose two.)

    • Fishbone diagram
    • RACI matrix
    • Monte Carlo
    • Process flowchart
    • Expert judgment
    • Project dashboard
  6. A project manager is procuring new equipment from a vendor. The vendor requires a physical signature on all purchase orders. Which of the following should the project manager do to order the equipment quickly? (Choose two.)

    • Mail the purchase order and follow up with a phone call.
    • Fax the purchase order and follow up with a phone call.
    • Drive to the vendor if local and provide a signed purchase order.
    • Scan and send the purchase order and follow up with a phone call.
    • Request a courier from the vendor to pick up the purchase order.
  7. Due to a lack of adherence to the risk response plan, there are numerous safety concerns within the scope of a building project.

    Which of the following MOST likely explains this issue?

    • Risks were not identified.
    • Risks were not mitigated.
    • Risks were not exploited.
    • Risks were not communicated.
  8. A new contractor joining the project team is an example of:

    • offshoring
    • offboarding
    • rightsizing
    • outsourcing
  9. A project sponsor, project manager, and project facilitator are drafting a project charter. The final contents of this documentation will be presented to the project steering committee for review and approval. The following sections are currently documented:

    – Project description
    – Draft project timeline and schedule
    – Rough milestones
    – Draft project budget
    – Draft resources required
    – High-level risk review

    Which of the following sections should be included in this document?

    • Business information
    • Full risk assessment results
    • Draft work breakdown structure
    • Full resource requirements
  10. A primary work location is unsafe due to a gas leak. The project manager has implemented the business continuity plan and authorized relocation to an alternate site.

    Which of the following should be notified?

    • Sponsor
    • PMO
    • Affected team members
    • Project team
  11. A PM is reviewing bids from vendors and has a question.

    Which of the following documents should the PM use to obtain a response?

    • Project schedule
    • REP
    • Quotation
    • RFI
  12. A resource is assigned to two projects with two scheduled tasks that complete at the same time.

    This is known as:

    • shared resource contention
    • intraproject resource contention
    • interproject resource contention
    • dedicated resource contention
  13. A team member has completed a project task. Which of the following is the FASTEST method to communicate the task completion?

    • Social media
    • Email
    • Instant messaging
    • Team meeting
  14. Which of the following describes some of the features of the Agile methodology?

    • It uses a direct approach, Gantt charts, and a ticketing system.
    • It uses an indirect approach, spreadsheets for documentation, and change request documents.
    • It uses an iterative approach, backlogs, and burndown charts.
    • It uses a step-by approach, an issue log, and pie charts.
  15. An organization needs a vendor to provide a solution. The organization can only describe its goals but not how to accomplish the work.

    Which of the following types of procurement should be used?

    • Request for information
    • Request for quote
    • Request for bid
    • Request for proposal
  16. Which of the following captures unforeseen activities throughout the project that need attention and resolution?

    • Gantt chart
    • Action items
    • Project schedule
    • Meeting minutes
  17. Which of the following project phases would MOST likely include creating a transition plan?

    • Closing
    • Initiation
    • Execution
    • Planning
  18. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has announced that the hardware division will be sold to another company.

    The sale of this division is an example of which of the following?

    • Outsourcing
    • Relocation
    • Business process change
    • Business merger
  19. When closing a project, which of the following must be completed to allow team members to return to their designated departments?

    • Perform retrospective
    • Release resources
    • Obtain sign-off from the sponsor
    • Close contracts
  20. A project manager has received numerous complaints from staff concerning poor service provided by a vendor.

    Which of the following steps should the project manager take FIRST to correct the problem?

    • Review the SOW with the vendor and terminate the vendor
    • Notify the key stakeholders of the problem and send a C&D letter to the vendor
    • Notify the vendor of the complaints and review the SLA with the vendor
    • Review the acceptable use policy with the vendor before requesting termination of the vendor’s employee.