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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 11

  1. A daily standup Scrum meeting is BEST accomplished in a:

    • telephone conference.
    • group email.
    • face-to-face meeting.
    • video conference.
  2. A new stakeholder has requested the status and progress reports for the project milestones. Which of the following documents should the project manager address FIRST?

    • Project communication plan
    • Project status report
    • Project management plan
    • Project backlog
  3. When an action is taken on a risk, which of the following is being done and which document needs to be updated?

    • Mitigating risk, and the risk register should be updated
    • Accepting risk, and the risk review document should be updated
    • Avoiding risk, and the risk review document should be updated
    • Exploiting risk, and the risk register should be updated.
  4. A project schedule lists a resource as 50% because it likely:

    • is a shared resource.
    • depict a resource shortage.
    • signifies overallocation of a resource.
    • notes underallocation of a resource.
  5. A project manager is mapping qualifications and available personnel to the project requirements. Which of the following activities is the project manager completing?

    • Team Building
    • Team Selection
    • Resource loading
    • Resource leveling
  6. Which of the following is a reason for assessing risk in a project?

    • To identify new tasks
    • To shorten the project timeline
    • To avoid rework
    • To establish a budget
  7. The project sponsor wishes to implement a 24/7 solution for the service desk, requiring the establishment of the capability on three different continents. Which of the following factors is MOST likely to influence communication methods across the project?

    • Personal preferences and message content
    • Level of message/report detail and confidentiality constraints
    • Time zones and language barriers
    • Technological and criticality factors
  8. A project team is defining detailed risks. Which of the following project phases is taking place?

    • Initiation
    • Monitor and control
    • Execution
    • Planning
  9. Which of the following statements are correct regarding project management? (Choose two.)

    • A project can be part of an organization’s program management.
    • An organization’s portfolio will include programs.
    • A program has a defined start and finish.
    • An organization’s portfolio is a temporary and unique endeavor.
    • A project portfolio will be managed under program management.
  10. A client has provided a list of deliverables to include in the project scope. Which of the following will allow the project team to ensure all deliverables are included in the final product while managing scope creep?

    • Requirements traceability matrix
    • Gantt chart
    • SWOT analysis
    • Project Charter
  11. A minor change to the baseline schedule is required. This change will be the second minor modification to the schedule. Which of the following is the appropriate version number?

    • 0.3
    • 1.2
    • 2.0
    • 3.0
  12. Which of the following is used to perform a root cause analysis?

    • Ishikawa diagram
    • Bar chart
    • Pareto diagram
    • Scatter plot
  13. Which of the following documents is typically signed by the vendor and includes a reference for how customers’ internal information will be protected?

    • MOU
    • NDA
    • SOW
    • SLA
  14. A project has fallen behind schedule for no obvious reason, so the PM has gathered the team to brainstorm. Which of the following should the PM do NEXT?

    • Go over the meetings objectives and agenda.
    • Brief the team on which tasks have fallen behind schedule and where the project has slack.
    • Refer to the risk register to map the risks to issues and mitigation strategies.
    • Review the issue log with the project team and identify potential risks.
    • Review an Ishikawa diagram with the project team to determine possible causes and effects.
  15. A project sponsor wants to demonstrate progress on a deliverable to all stakeholders at the next tollgate meeting. This feature was not scheduled for this tollgate, but the project manager plans to add it to the next phase. Which of the following describes what the project manager is doing?

    • Crashing the schedule
    • Prioritizing tasks
    • Determining milestones
    • Developing sprints
  16. A vendor was removed from a company due to non-performance but continues to submit invoices for work that was not completed. Which of the following should the project manager do to stop the vendor from sending invoices?

    • Draft a C&D letter and send it to vendor.
    • Review the MOU with the vendor.
    • Ask the legal departments to draft a non-complete agreement for the vendor to sign.
    • Meet with the finance department to prevent the vendor from sending invoices.
  17. During the storming stage of a project team’s development, it is common to experience confusion about tasks and responsibilities because:

    • there is unfamiliarity with the project structure.
    • there is a lack of trust among team members.
    • there are minimal team decisions.
    • there is no engagement of the team by the project manager.
  18. A project manager procures additional resources from a local company. Which of the following-describes this event?

    • Reorganizing
    • Onboarding
    • Offshoring
    • Outsourcing
  19. In which of the following situations is a project manager MOST likely to use a process diagram?

    • When describing a new business idea for the team to review
    • When describing a new business workflow for the team to implement
    • When describing a new business project for the team to implement
    • When describing a new business acquisition for the team to review
  20. A project has passed a phase-gate, and the new phase is ready to begin. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate method to communicate the transition to team?

    • Kickoff meeting
    • One-on-one meetings
    • Voice conferencing
    • Instant messaging