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PK0-004 : CompTIA Project+ : Part 07

  1. A part that is needed to complete Task 3 has been backordered and will arrive three days later than scheduled. Task 3 must be complete for Task 4 to start. There is one day of float for the two tasks. Which of the following represents the number of days the project schedule will be delayed?

    • Zero
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
  2. A software development project is struggling with a certain technology that is unknown to the project team. A project manager has received a third-party proposal to transfer the risk. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

    • RF1
    • RFP
    • RFQ
    • Change request
    • Request for bid
  3. A team member learns that an assigned task is not due until the very end of the project. Moreover, the team member is not aware of any predecessor tasks dependent on completing the assigned task. Which of the following does the project manager use to decide if the team member can start the task later or earlier?

    • Review the PERT chart and evaluate if the task is a critical dependency.
    • Review the PERT chart and evaluate if the task is a discretionary dependency.
    • Review the PERT chart and evaluate if the task is a real dependency.
    • Review the PERT chart and evaluate if the task is an external dependency.
  4. A project manager travels abroad to meet the offshore team and sends out a meeting invitation to review requirements. However, many team members decline the meeting invitation. The PM approaches one team member to determine why people are declining. The team member indicates the project manager scheduled the meeting at a time when employees typically have permission to take a nap. Which of the following is the project manager facing?

    • Language barriers
    • Time zones
    • Cultural differences
    • Personal preferences
  5. Which of the following vendor documents specifically address quality? (Choose two.)

    • LOI
    • SLA
    • Warranty
    • PO
    • NDA
  6. A project manager has been assigned a complex project and does not know all the activities required to complete it.

    Which of the following if the BEST approach to determine the work packages for the WBS?

    • Brainstorming
    • Analogous
    • Bottom-up
    • Forward pass
  7. Which of the following documents need to be updated as events occur during a project? (Choose two.)

    • Change request
    • Risk register
    • Meeting minutes
    • Issue log
    • Status report
  8. During a project, a key stakeholder asks a project team member to add a requirement. The team member adds the requirement without informing the project manager. Which of the following is described in this scenario?

    • Change request
    • Risk mitigation
    • Change control
    • Scope creep
  9. A project manager is assigned to an ongoing project. Which of the following is the FIRST document the protect manager should review?

    • Project schedule
    • Action items
    • Project charter
    • Communication plan
  10. A governance committee has just approved a new project. The project scheduler is now developing the project schedule. Which of the following activities should be done FIRST?

    • Add durations.
    • Add the start and finish dates
    • Add tasks.
    • Add resources.
  11. A company has hired a new project manager. The PMO has briefed the new project manager on the following expected responsibilities for projects:

    – Coordinate project schedule
    – Manage to the triple constraint
    – Provide performance feedback to team members’ managers

    Which of the following types of organizational structures did the new project manager MOST likely join?

    • Balanced matrix
    • Strong matrix
    • Functional
    • Projectized
  12. Which of the following shows projected project expenditures?

    • Work breakdown structure
    • Cash flow schedule
    • Cash burn rate
    • Budget milestone
  13. A project manager wants to introduce the practice of a WBS to the PMO, but the other managers believe this will create extra work. Which of the following would BEST communicate the need for a WBS to the other managers? (Choose two.)

    • Using the WBS will help prevent work from slipping or being forgotten.
    • TheWBS will be required on very large projects.
    • TheWBS will be required if the project manager has the time available to complete it.
    • TheWBS will aid in determining which resources are required for the project.
    • The WBS is the best way to determine risks of the project.
  14. A team member was assigned a new task during a meeting. The team member did not complete the task by the end of the phase, and the PM is looking for evidence to escalate the issue. Which of the following documents could help in this situation?

    • Issue log
    • Action items
    • Dashboard information
    • Communication plan
  15. Which of the following elements should be included on a responsibility assignment matrix?

    • Responsible, accountable, consulted, informed
    • Resource, accountable, signoff, input
    • Responsible, accurate, confidential, informed
    • Resource, accountable, consulted, informed
  16. The PM is preparing for the planning phase kickoff meeting. It is imperative for the team to focus during the meeting on the expected outcomes.

    Which of the following best describes what the PM should work on FIRST?

    • Project charter
    • Project schedule
    • Meeting agenda
    • Responsibility assignment matrix
    • Risk register
  17. Which of the following charts is a graphical representation of the causes of a specific event?

    • Histogram
    • Scatter
    • Fishbone
    • Gantt
  18. While working on risk ranking, the project team is unsure about the qualitative scales to be used for probability and impact. The project manager directs the team to look in the:

    • quality plan.
    • project management plan.
    • risk register.
    • process diagram.
  19. A project team on a four-year project has a shortage of workspace within an office. Which of the following is the MOST viable solution for the project team while ensuring work hours are not wasted?

    • Secure a new facility, permit remote work, and reduce staff.
    • Reduce staff, implement BYOD, and permit remote work.
    • Implement BYOD, secure a new facility, and utilize shared workspaces.
    • Permit remote work, utilize shared workspaces, and implement BYOD.
  20. A project is in the initiation phase. Which of the following tasks will take place during this phase?

    • Develop a WBS.
    • Define the project requirements.
    • Create a project charter.
    • Acquire the project resources.