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FC0-U51 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 14

  1. Joe, a user, has installed a new SOHO wireless router. The router keeps dropping PC connections. Which of the following should be check?

    • SSID
    • MAC address
    • Firmware
    • Password
  2. A backup that stores only data that has changed since the last full backup is:

    • a full backup
    • a partial backup
    • an incremental backup
    • a differential backup
  3. A traveling business user is utilizing an LTE cellular connection that provides good coverage but experiences numerous outages during a given week. This would be classified as which of the following?

    • High mobility and low reliability
    • High mobility and high latency
    • High availability and low mobility
    • High availability and low throughput
  4. Which of the following could be a reason for limited web page visibility while using a large screen?

    • The ISP is supplying less bandwidth that the amount for which the user is paying.
    • The web pages are being viewed in a compatibility mode.
    • Too many toolbars are installed in the browser.
    • The user has the screen resolution set too high.
    • The browser cache is full and must be cleared.
  5. A user was recently a victim of a brute force attack on an email account. This is considered which of the following security threats?

    • Social engineering
    • Shoulder surfing
    • Phishing
    • Password cracking
  6. A user recently installed a new display on a computer that stopped working a few days later. Which of the following should be done FIRST to remedy this problem?

    • Check for the latest driver for the video card
    • Consult a technology professional.
    • Consult the manufacturer’s documentation.
    • Check for loose cables or connectors.
  7. Which of the following is the primary purpose of an OS?

    • Connects the computer to the Internet
    • Provides storage for the user’s files
    • Controls and manages all aspects of a computer
    • Connects the computer’s CPU and RAM
  8. Joe, a technician, has discovered that his SOHO router does not include features that are listed on the manufacturer’s website. Which of the following would allow Joe to enable these missing features?

    • Update the firmware
    • Enable WPA2
    • Change the SSID
    • Reset the router
  9. Which of the following computer ports can be used for storage, video output, and peripherals?

    • HDMI
    • USB
    • VGA
    • eSATA
  10. Which of the following file types is considered executable?

    • .zip
    • .app
    • .iso
    • .pdf
  11. A user set up a new computer and implemented cable management with very little slack on all cabling. However, the workstation is shutting off intermittently. Which of the following issues is MOST likely occurring?

    • The new surge protector used is not rated to handle the manufacturer’s workstation.
    • The cable ties are loose and need to be adjusted.
    • The computer may not have gone through its traditional burn-in period yet.
    • The power cable could be too taut and is losing connection in the socket.
  12. Which of the following malware infections is responsible for locking data on a system in an attempt to make the user pay a fee to unlock it?

    • Adware
    • Ransomware
    • Spyware
    • Trojan
  13. A user places a new desktop computer, monitor, and printer on the desk. Which of the following is the NEXT step in completing the setup of the computer?

    • Install updates.
    • Turn on the computer.
    • Connect all cables to the computer.
    • Configure antivirus software.
  14. A peripheral device manufacturer has corrected a security flaw in its software and released a patch. Which of the following is the QUICKEST method to correct this flaw?

    • Replace the device.
    • Power cycle the device.
    • Reconnect the device.
    • Update the device drivers.
  15. Joe, a technician, is asked to prevent users from playing games on corporate computers. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish this?

    • Move the game files to a network share.
    • Remove the games using the OS utility.
    • Require all users to sign a company zero-tolerance gaming document.
    • Rename the games folder to “Do Not Use.”
  16. Which of the following storage media is intended for single-use backups?

    • Hard drive
    • Flash drive
    • Tape