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FC0-U51 : CompTIA IT Fundamentals : Part 05

  1. Which of the following is an advantage of using cloud-based collaborative applications and storage, rather than local applications and storage?

    • Decreased software licensing costs
    • Higher security encryption
    • Limited storage space for files
    • Increased accessibility to files
  2. Which of the following data connections would provide a user the BEST Internet availability while traveling?

    • Workstation with only RJ-45 connectors
    • Smartphone with cellular service
    • Laptop with Bluetooth wireless connectivity
    • Tablet connected to a SOHO wireless network
  3. A technician is configuring a wireless router for a small office and the business owner would like the wireless network to be secured using the strongest encryption possible. Which of the following should the technician choose?

    • WPA2
    • WAP
    • WPA
    • WEP
  4. A user’s laptop hard drive contains sensitive information. The user often plugs the laptop into the corporate network. A sensitive file from the laptop has been found on another user’s laptop. How could the user have prevented this breach?

    • Disable file and print sharing on the laptop.
    • Delete unused drives from network.
    • Remove shared keys from the key ring.
    • Set the read-only attribute on the files.
  5. Joe, a user, needs to store a large amount of data, but does not have enough space on his local computer. Which of the following are the BEST options for him to use? (Select TWO).

    • Network attached storage
    • External hard drive
    • Optical drive
    • USB thumb drive
    • Another computer
  6. When connecting a printer to a network, which of the following is needed to complete the process? (Select TWO).

    • IP address
    • User’s password
    • Computer’s name
    • Subnet mask
    • HTTP port
    • Fax number
  7. Which of the following protocols is used to secure communications between sender and receiver?

    • SIP
    • SNMP
    • SSL
    • SMTP
  8. Which of the following connections provide data with the MOST secure protection from interception?

    • Wired
    • WiFi
    • IR
    • Cellular
  9. A technician has been tasked with changing the settings for a used SOHO router, but does not have the administrator password because the previous owner changed it. Which of the following actions will resolve this issue?

    • Click “Forgot password.”
    • Use a password cracker.
    • Hold the reset button.
    • Use the password: password.
  10. A user is setting up an older wireless access point that has only WEP for encryption. Which of the following additional steps will help to secure the network? (Select TWO).

    • Disable SSID broadcast.
    • Refresh the MAC address.
    • Filter the MAC address.
    • Refresh the IP address.
    • Use CAT6 cables.
  11. When setting up a new workstation, which of the following should be configured during the initial OS setup wizard?

    • Additional software
    • Date and time settings
    • Peripheral devices
    • Security software
  12. Which of the following is the BEST reason to backup data?

    • To ensure data encryption
    • To ensure data stability
    • To ensure data security
    • To ensure data availability
  13. Which of the following is a safety feature of cloud-based backups?

    • Incremental copy of data
    • Local copy of data
    • Offsite storage of data
    • Full backup of PC data
  14. A technician is setting up a computer that was shipped. After everything is plugged in, the computer will not turn on. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to identify the issue?

    • Check for physical damage on the computer.
    • Search for a solution on the Internet.
    • Reference the manufacturer’s documentation.
    • Ensure the power supply is set at the correct voltage.
  15. Ann, a user, wishes to free space in her documents folder. Which of the following is the BEST characteristic to sort by in order to ensure that the most space is freed by deleting the least amount of files?

    • Date modified
    • File path
    • Size
    • Extension
  16. Where can a user find the latest updates, upgrades, or firmware for an electronic device that the vendor supports?

    • Internet search engine
    • Internet forum
    • Technical community groups
    • OEM website
  17. When applying ergonomics to a workstation area, which of the following are the MOST important to consider? (Select TWO).

    • Proper sitting position
    • Amount of time computer will be used
    • Clarity of the display
    • Proper keyboard and mouse height
    • Number of speakers in sound system
    • Brightness and contrast of the display
  18. An RoHS label on hardware indicates which of the following?

    • The hardware produces EMI when used.
    • The hardware is certified to be energy efficient.
    • The hardware provides battery backup for power outages.
    • The hardware needs to be properly disposed.
  19. Ann, a user, reports that her computer was working this morning, but now the screen is blank. The power indicator for the monitor is on. Pressing the space bar or mouse does not fix the problem. Which of the following is the cause?

    • The monitor power cable is unplugged.
    • The video cable has become disconnected.
    • The video driver is not installed.
    • The operating system has encountered a stop error.
    • The screen saver has activated.
  20. Which of the following will allow a user to move a file from one folder to another using the LEAST number of steps, while ensuring that the file is removed from its original location?

    • Open the file from its original location, save it to the new location, and delete it from the original location.
    • Cut the file from its original location and paste it to the new location.
    • Rename the file in its original location to a name that is not already taken in the new location.
    • Copy the file from its original location and paste it to the new location.