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220-1002 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 : Part 13

  1. A Mac user needs to configure a network device using a serial connection to enable a remote network connection. Which of the following utilities would MOST likely be used to make the necessary changes?

    • Terminal
    • Disk maintenance
    • iCloud
    • Image recovery
  2. An office location regularly experiences brownouts. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate solution to protect the office computers?

    • Uninterruptible power supply
    • Voltage regulator
    • Surge suppressor
    • Generator
  3. A technician is attempting to recover data from a damaged laptop that was running Windows 10. The technician removes the drive and places it in a known-good computer. The computer boots and sees the drive, but no data is displayed. Which of the following is the reason the technician is experiencing this issue?

    • exFAT security
    • Ext3 security
    • HFS security
    • EFS security
    • CDFS security
  4. A corporate fileshare holds files for multiple departments. Individual users in each department create reports that are meant to be read by the rest of the company. Recently, a user ran a malicious executable that encrypted all of the documents on the fileshare. The software asked for money to be transferred via cryptocurrency in order to decrypt the files; however, the files were not decrypted after the company paid the ransom. Which of the following would MOST likely minimize the damage to a fileshare in this type of situation?

    • Enable System Restore on the file server and make frequent restore points.
    • Disable full disk encryption on the file server.
    • Install a next-generation firewall at the network edge.
    • Use a host-based intrusion detection system and continuously monitor filesystem changes.
    • Use granular file permissions on the share and follow the principle of least privilege.
  5. A technician must manually modify the HOSTS system file in order to resolve a website address to a specified local destination. Which of the following utilities should the technician use to BEST accomplish the task?

    • Regedit
    • services.msc
    • Msinfo32
    • Notepad
    • MMC
  6. An application is installed and configured locally on a workstation, but it writes all the save files to a different workstation on the network. Which of the following accurately describes the configuration of the application?

    • Network-based
    • Client/server
    • Application streaming
    • Peer-to-peer
  7. A technician needs to connect securely to a Linux-based network appliance in a remote datacenter. Which of the following will the technician MOST likely use?

    • SSH
    • SFTP
    • RDP
    • Telnet
  8. A customer brings an old PC to a computer repair shop and asks for advice with regard to its repair or replacement. The PC has numerous errors during the boot process and is running a very outdated operating system. Which of the following should the technician do?

    • Ask if the customer would like to donate the PC to a school
    • Offer to sell a slightly newer computer to the customer
    • Work on the computer and bill the customer for the time
    • Advise the customer that the cost of repair is more than a new PC
  9. A technology team is creating limits and guidelines for the use of company-provided software, equipment, and Internet access. Which of the following policies is needed?

    • Password policy
    • Acceptable use policy
    • Regulatory policy
    • Compliance policy
  10. An IT professional recently assisted Ann, a customer, with updating her password and regaining access to a hijacked email account. Shortly afterward, Ann notices dozens of unwanted emails, thanking her for subscribing to an organization’s mailing list. Which of the following should be performed to remove and prevent any further emails from this organization?

    • Click the “Unsubscribe” button on each unwanted email
    • Send the unwanted items to the spam or junk folder
    • Deploy an email address whitelist
    • Create domain-based filters
  11. A technician is having issues with the WiFi connection while working on a Mac. The technician wants to check which SSID the computer is connected to and some statistics about the connection. Which of the following terminal commands should the technician use?

    • apt-get
    • iwconfig
    • sudo
    • ifconfig
  12. A technician submitted a change control request to upgrade the firmware on all company switches at the same time, during off hours, and through automation. Which of the following change management documents is MOST important to create to ensure the upgrade will not adversely affect the business?

    • Plan for the change
    • Scope of the change
    • Risk analysis of the change
    • Documentation of the change
  13. An end user reports a Windows computer is infected with a virus. Which of the following should be the technician’s FIRST troubleshooting step?

    • Identify malware symptoms
    • Disable System Restore
    • Run Windows Update
    • Educate the end user
  14. A user has changed the MAC address of a laptop to gain access to a network. This is an instance of:

    • spoofing
    • brute force
    • man-in-the-middle
    • a botnet
  15. Ann, a technician, is dispatched to a corporate customer that has reported a malware infection. Upon arrival, Ann notices the system is shut off, and she is able to start the computer without incident. Ann also notices numerous pop-ups appear when the web browser is opened. Which of the following should Ann do NEXT?

    • Report the incident to the appropriate contact
    • Clear the system logs and browser history
    • Clear the system logs and browser history
    • Advise the customer to use the browser in private mode
  16. A technician is troubleshooting an issue affecting all company laptops. All the laptops have exactly the same hardware. The screens present glitches every time the users move their mouse pointers over the screen. The technician discovers there was a recent OS update deployed throughout the company, which includes new versions for video drivers. Restarting the laptop in safe mode will not present the issue. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Roll back the video card device drivers for all computers and escalate the issue to the video card vendor.
    • Remove the current video drivers from all computers and advise users to work this way until the issue gets fixed.
    • Advise all users to work in safe mode until the issue gets fixed and escalate the issue to the video card vendor.
    • Reinstall the OS on all devices in the company to eliminate any traces of the current video drivers, then rerun the updates manually excluding the video drivers.
  17. A user is surprised that a newly installed third-party smartphone application requires permissions to access the camera, location, and microphone. Unaware of a reason why permissions are needed for the application to function as advertised, the user contacts the help desk for assistance. Which of the following should the help desk team recommend the user do in this situation?

    • After granting these permissions, disable the camera and GPS
    • Install the application and change the permissions later
    • Cancel installation of the application and report it to the application source
    • Accept these permission requests and install the application
  18. Joe, a technician, recently installed drivers for a webcam, but he is now experiencing issues when trying to operate it. Which of the following should Joe check NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?

    • Services
    • Device Manager
    • Event Viewer
    • Programs and Features
  19. Which of the following would BEST support an 8TB hard drive with one partition?

    • GPT
    • FAT16
    • FAT32
    • EFS
  20. A user installed a new company-approved application on a Windows PC. The installation required a reboot. After the reboot and logon, the system froze. A technician has been called to fix the problem. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

    • Contact the application vendor support staff for more information
    • Boot into safe mode, and then load the ERD and restore the most recent files
    • Boot the PC, run msconfig, check the safe boot box under the Boot tab, and then restart
    • Log in as an administrative user and determine if the problem persists