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220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 15

  1. A technician received a call that the network printer was printing garbled text. The technician printed a test page from several users’ workstations and received the same result. The technician then ran a diagnostic on the printer, and everything passed. After uninstalling the printer from a user’s workstation and then reinstalling it, the printer is now working properly. Which of the following was the cause of this issue?

    • The font was changed by the user in the printing preferences.
    • There were several print jobs hung in the queue.
    • The toner level in the printer was extremely low.
    • Drivers on the users’ workstations were out of date.
    • The print server spooler file was corrupt.
  2. Which of the following protocols operates without a port number assignment?

    • SNMP
    • AFP
    • TCP
    • SSH
  3. Which of the following types of peripheral devices can be used to authenticate users on a computer system and provide access into a building?

    • Smart card
    • QR scanner
    • Number pad
    • ADF
  4. A technician sets up 100 VMs networked in a cloud environment. Which of the following cloud models does this represent?

    • PaaS
    • DBaaS
    • IaaS
    • SaaS
  5. A technician is installing an optical drive in an engineering workstation that allows for optical media backups up to 128GB for each project. Which of the following drives should the technician install in the workstation?

    • DVR-RW DL
    • BD-R
    • LTO-2
    • CD-RW
  6. A user has a red X in the taskbar on a VM where Internet connectivity is usually located. Which of the following should be checked FIRST if all other operations are working normally on the VM?

    • Patch level of the host
    • Proxy server
    • Virtual switch
    • BIOS
  7. A user powers on a laptop and receives a message that it is under power. Which of the following should the user check FIRST?

    • The surge protector
    • The power cord
    • The power adapter
    • The power cable length
  8. Which of the following cable types would MOST likely be used for a gigabit Ethernet connection on a desktop?

    • RG59
    • SATA
    • IDE
    • UTP
  9. Which of the following describes the network type that is created when connecting a Bluetooth headset to a cell phone?

    • WAN
    • LAN
    • MAN
    • PAN
  10. A customer is experiencing issues connecting to a server over the network during normal business hours. Historically, the connection has worked fine, but it has become intermittent over the past 24 hours. Sometimes the share is available, and sometimes the customer gets an error. A technician researches the issue and discovers a new IT vendor visited the customer’s site and installed some new computer equipment without consulting the internal team. Which of the following represents the MOST likely reason the customer is having issues connecting to the server?

    • A server was taken offline for routine maintenance.
    • There is an IP address conflict on the network.
    • A firewall is blocking the SMB ports.
    • Disabled legacy protocols need to be updated.
  11. A company wants to cost-effectively improve efficiency in navigating to client sites and reduce cellular data costs. Which of the following actions would be BEST to meet these requirements?

    • Issue stand-alone GPS units.
    • Buy phones with mapping software.
    • Purchase cars with built-in navigation.
    • Purchase new laptops with mapping software.
  12. A technician needs to implement a database in the cloud but does not want to manage any server infrastructure. Which of the following solutions would BEST meet this requirement?

    • IaaS
    • PaaS
    • SaaS
    • DaaS
  13. A technician creates a VM in a public cloud to test a new application and then deletes the VM when finished. Which of the following BEST describes this type of cloud environment?

    • Community
    • Elastic
    • Hybrid
    • On-demand
  14. Which of the following connector types would MOST likely be used to charge a laptop computer?

    • RJ45
    • USB-C
    • eSATA
    • Lightning
  15. Which of the following can be used to manage a smart thermostat?

    • SFTP
    • RDP
    • WiFi
    • NFC
  16. A technician installs a new PoE-capable wireless access point using a 200ft (61m) cable, but the access point does not power on when plugged into the Ethernet cable. The technician verifies the Ethernet cable is plugged into a working switchport. Which of the following should the technician do to resolve this issue?

    • Relocate the AP closer to the switch.
    • Replace the Ethernet cable with Cat 3.
    • Set the switchport to autonegotiate.
    • Install a power injector.
  17. Which of the following wireless networking protocols includes a standardized version of the technology known as beamforming?

    • 802.11a
    • 802.11ac
    • 802.11n
    • Bluetooth
    • Z-Wave
  18. Joe, a user, cannot access the network shared drive after network maintenance was performed. A technician verifies there is a valid IP address; however, the device is not on the correct subnet. The device must continue to be accessible by a third party. Which of the following actions should the technician take to BEST resolve the issue?

    • Remove and replace the NIC.
    • Release and renew the computer’s DHCP assignment.
    • Change the mask on the computer and reboot.
    • Assign a new port on the switch to the user.
  19. The performance of a user’s PC has been degrading over time. The PC currently emits a strong odor and turns off after 15 minutes of use. A technician visually inspects the PC and notices it has distended capacitors. Which of the following should the technician do to BEST remediate the issue?

    • Replace the hard drive.
    • Replace the motherboard.
    • Replace the CPU.
    • Replace the memory.
  20. A user is attempting to set up a new Bluetooth keyboard but is unable to pair the device. The user is able to see the device in the Bluetooth configuration tool. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the failure?

    • Bluetooth is disabled.
    • A PIN code is required.
    • There are different Bluetooth versions.
    • The device is not compatible.