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220-1001 : CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 : Part 14

  1. A developer reports a recurring computer issue while compiling a program. The computer works at first, but it locks up during the compilation process. An immediate reboot does not resolve the issue. Which of the following procedures will MOST likely solve the problem?

    • Reapply thermal paste.
    • Reseat the video card.
    • Update the BIOS firmware.
    • Decrease the number of memory modules.
  2. A technician receives a call from a user who dropped a laptop and cracked the screen. The user needs it replaced quickly. The technician has to ensure the correct stock parts are in the storeroom. Which of the following components would the technician MOST likely need to repair the user’s laptop? (Choose two.)

    • Webcam
    • Microphone
    • Video adapter
    • Bezel
    • Speaker
    • LCD
  3. While troubleshooting a magnetic hard drive, a technician hears a loud clicking noise, identifies S.M.A.R.T. errors, and notices the operating system will not load. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

    • The cooling fans are faulty, causing overheating.
    • The read/write head is failing.
    • The CPU is overclocked.
    • There are mismatched memory modules.
  4. A technician needs to build a cloud solution with the following parameters:

    – Predictable cost
    – Easy expansion of resources
    – Ability to control every aspect of the environment

    Which of the following would be the BEST solution for the technician to implement?

    • Hardware as a service
    • Platform as a service
    • Software as a service
    • Hybrid cloud
  5. A technician needs to select and install network cabling in an office ceiling. The technician was told the space above the ceiling is part of the air conditioning return system. Which of the following cable features is MOST likely to be a safety requirement?

    • Plenum insulation
    • Category number
    • Transmission limitations
    • Shielded twisted pair
  6. A network administrator is deploying virtualization software to several desktop computers. Some of the installations fail because a processor function is disabled in the computer’s BIOS. Which of the following functions should be turned on for the installation to succeed?

    • Trusted Platform Module
    • VNC
    • Hyperthreading
    • VT-x
  7. A user experiences a paper jam when printing a 500-page, double-sided report. A technician clears the paper jam and inspects the printer for any remaining paper. The technician then powers the printer off and back on. The printer’s LCD display says it is ready, and all cables are securely connected. The user attempts to print the report again, but the printer still does not print. It also shows no indication of any change. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician attempt FIRST?

    • Replace the drum and toner for the printer.
    • Remove the printer memory and reseat it in the socket.
    • Disassemble the printer body and look for further paper jams.
    • Restart the print spooler service and inspect the queue.
    • Try reinstalling the print driver for the printer.
  8. A user reports that a small part of a laptop’s screen displays black instead of the appropriate color. A technician changes the display settings on the user’s laptop and then runs onboard diagnostics; however, the issue is still not resolved. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT?

    • Update the video driver.
    • Replace the digitizer.
    • Test for dead pixels.
    • Check for recent updates.
  9. A manager is trying to display a presentation using a ceiling-mounted projector in a conference room. The projector displays a “no signal” error on the pull-down projector screen. A technician verifies the projector’s input cable is securely connected to the manager’s laptop, and the laptop is set to presentation mode. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

    • The laptop does not have the proper display driver installed.
    • The Miracast settings are improperly configured.
    • The projector is not compatible with the manager’s laptop.
    • The source type is set incorrectly on the projector.
  10. An application is not responding on a user’s workstation. After doing some research, a technician determines the drive is out of space. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

    • Implement storage alerts to be notified if it happens again.
    • Run diagnostics and review the system logs.
    • Ask the user what happened before the application stopped responding.
    • Identify files that can be deleted or removed.
  11. A user reports the laser printer has stopped printing. When performing a test print, the page comes out mostly blank with ghosting images. A technician verifies a new toner cartridge was installed several weeks ago. There are no errors in the system’s log. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the printer issue?

    • There is no connectivity between the printer and the computer.
    • The fuser has failed and requires replacement.
    • Printer drivers are not installed on the computer.
    • There is a stuck print job in the print queue.
  12. An executive assistant needs a new computer, and it must have the following features:

    – Very small footprint and minimal power use
    – Automatic backup
    – Option to rapidly increase memory and available resources
    – Ability to print and access network and cloud resources

    Which of the following computer types would BEST meet these requirements?

    • Laptop
    • Desktop
    • Virtual desktop
    • Mini PC
  13. A technician identifies an incorrectly terminated network cable as the cause of intermittent network drops. Which of the following tools should the technician use to reterminate the network cable?

    • A crimper
    • A loopback plug
    • A cable tester
    • A multimeter
  14. A technician is repairing a laser printer because its print jobs have a narrow, faded line running along the length of the page from top to bottom. The faded line is always in the same place. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?

    • Empty the excess toner bottle.
    • Update the printer firmware.
    • Update the printer firmware.
    • Replace the transfer drum.
  15. A business owner wants to filter objectionable content from being accessed with an Internet browser. Which of the following network devices would be BEST suited for this task?

    • IPS
    • Web server
    • Firewall
    • Proxy server
  16. A technician is setting up a Windows 10 laptop as a kiosk at a retail store. Which of the following account types would the technician MOST likely use to configure the machine?

    • Local administrative account
    • Local standard account
    • Corporate standard domain account
    • Corporate administrative domain account
  17. A user is configuring a mobile device to retrieve email from an ISP. In the process of verifying the connection, the user receives a message stating the outbound connection cannot be completed. Which of the following BEST describes the user’s connection trouble?

    • SMTP port numbers need to be reconfigured.
    • An alternate IMAP server needs to be selected.
    • POP3 needs the SSL state reconfigured.
    • The user needs to connect using SNMP.
  18. A technician is configuring a student laptop, and the network administrator requires it to be statically configured. The technician successfully pings the servers by IP but cannot ping by UNC. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Gateway
    • IP address
  19. Ann, an end user, hears multiple beeps each time she attempts to start her workstation, but the computer does not boot successfully. The workstation was recently serviced for a separate issue. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the current issue with the shortest amount of downtime?

    • Reseat the RAM.
    • Replace the PSU.
    • Reset the BIOS.
    • Replace the HDD.
  20. A user’s laser printer stops printing when the paper tray is less than half full. Which of the following parts is causing the issue?

    • Transfer roller
    • Document feeder
    • Transfer belt
    • Pickup roller