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200-901 : DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 03

  1. Which of the following can quick backup configuration files automatically with passwords unmasked? (Choose two).

    • Generate an SSH pair
    • Create script to login
    • Copy script to template
    • OS scripting
    • Copy OS script to template
  2. Which HTTP status code is displayed when the OCS is over encumbered?

    • 403 Forbidden
    • 500 Internal server error
    • 503 Service unavailable
    • 502 bad gateway
  3. Which of the following statement is true regarding Devnet Sandbox?

    • It provides an environment to quarantine suspicious code and execute it without comprising live system
    • It enables access to products in a development environment for the purpose of exploring, learning and building applications using Cisco APIs
    • It is a product to test new networking configurations before deploying it on live server
    • It is a software system that helps developers understand new technologies by executing it in a safe environment.
  4. In Cisco DNA space, REST APIs are divided into which of the following five categories?

    • Location, location history, notifications, map, access points
    • Location, history, notifications, map, server
    • Access point location, sensor map, notifications, location history
    • detect and locate, history, notifications, map, access points
  5. Which setting in Ansible attempts to use ssh for remote connection to execute python script on a network device but fails because Python is not available on those network devices?

    • ansible_network_os
    • ansible_become
    • ansible_become_method
    • ansible_connection
  6. By employing customer collaboration over contract negotiation principle, which of the following software development method is used?

    • Agile
    • Silos
    • Infrastructure-as-a-code
    • Devops
  7. Refer to the exhibit.

    200-901 Part03 Q07 004
    200-901 Part03 Q07 004

    Which authentication method is used in Cisco REST API?

    • access token
    • Custom token
    • Basic authentication
    • Cookie API key
  8. Which Cisco IOS XE software design pattern allows for multiple views of the same model and can segregate code responsibilities easing up future modifications?

    • Bash pattern
    • Observer pattern
    • Model-view-controller
    • Waterfall
  9. When three single quotation marks are used on the next line directly after defining a function, what does this indicate?

    • Multi-line text
    • A docstring
    • A string value including double or single quotation marks
    • Non-string
  10. Of which repository do the roles store files generated during build process while providing search, management and traceability of binary files?

    • binary repository
    • github repository
    • artifact repository
    • file repository
  11. Which of the methods can be used to populate a routing table? (Choose three).

    • directly connected network added manually
    • directly connected network added automatically
    • destination routing
    • static routing
    • source routing
    • dynamic routing
  12. Which environment variables are needed to create new connection objects in DNAcentersdk? (Choose two).

    • DNA_CENTER _single_request_timeout
    • DNA_CENTER_Wait_on_rate_limit
    • DNA_CENTER_verify_password
  13. During the development, the client send a request body in XML format. But the server refused a connection because it only support JSON. What type of HTTP error code is displayed?

    • 404
    • 503
    • 500
    • 415
  14. Which of the following data formats are used by Cisco Collections APIs?

    • XML
    • CSV
    • JSON
    • TSV
  15. In what type of development tests are written before writing code or when code is ready to release

    • Unit testing
    • test-driven development
    • refactor-based development
    • Functional-test development
  16. Refer to the exhibit.

    “limit”: 25, // The minimum of the ‘limit’ parameter used in the request or the maximum request size of the API
    “next_cursor”: “UExIMUhLVg==” // An opaque string used to fetch the next set of results or ‘null’ if no additional results are available

    In cursor-based pagination, what happens when the response returns a null value for next-cursor?

    • it is offset by cross-pagination
    • List of the requests is displayed
    • end of the list
    • pagination error occured
  17. Which Git command can be used to clone a remote branch and switch to it during active development phase?

    • git checkout [branch name]
    • git checkout -b [branch name] origin/[branch name]
    • git checkout -b origin/[branch name]
    • git checkout –
  18. Which of the two statements are true regarding filters with webhook? (Choose two).

    • restrict webhook to a specific room by using membership resource
    • to filter webhook use the spark hook
    • use + symbol to combine more than one filter
    • use & symbol to combine more than one filter
    • use filters to restrict webhook to a specific room
  19. Which of the two statements are true regarding filters with webhook? (Choose two).

    • automatic network assignment
    • devops infrastructure
    • network segregation
    • network programmability
  20. What happens when guestshell run python command is executed on a device?

    • python CLI is opened to prompt the execution of the code
    • Interactive prompt is opened which execute Python functions from the Cisco Python CLI module to configure the device.
    • Interactive prompt is opened which executes functions related to network
    • its configures and print show commands