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200-901 : DevNet Associate (DEVASC) : Part 01

  1. Which of the following systems provides ability to branch and merge various tasks completed in isolation before they are merged into a feature or master branch while allowing engineers to work against the same code and configuration files and manage differences and conflicts in a coding system. (Choose two).

    • Centralized version control system
    • Central logging system
    • Model-driven programming
    • Code topology
    • Distributed version control system.

    Drag and drop the elements of Cisco Devnet Team message error types on the left onto their corresponding status code on the right.

    200-901 Part01 Q02 001
    200-901 Part01 Q02 001
    200-901 Part01 Q02 002
    200-901 Part01 Q02 002


  3. Which of the following is the correct statement regarding Cisco DNA Center?

    • It provides network controller-level management features
    • It gathers real-time circumstantial information from users and devices on the network
    • it provisions network, server and storage resources to increase productivity and reduced TCO
    • it provides data-center class networking system to maximize scalability
  4. Refer to the exhibit.

    docker network create -d bridge –subnet –gateway dockernet

    • Fixed Ips for host and the containers
    • Bridge for hosts
    • Bridge for containers
    • Create network between host and a container
  5. Which of the following network entity is a configuration item that receives IP packets that have no explicit next-hop in the routing table?

    • Route address
    • MPLS
    • Default Gateway
    • Layer 2 frames
  6. Which of the following Cisco UCS elements can be XML or JSON-encoded and require an API key pair for HTTP header and a cookie for authentication? (Choose two).

    • UCS Manager
    • Cisco Intersight
    • Cisco UCS Director
    • Insight Directora
    • Cisco Manager APIs
  7. During the session conflict of the global lock, which NETCONF command can clear non-responsive sessions?

    • show NETCONF-yang clear
    • clear NETCONF-session
    • clear NETCONF-yang session
    • show NETCONF-yang session -clear
  8. Which of the following statement is true about Cisco Firewall?

    • system that controls and monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic based on configured security roles
    • Allows a router to utilize mulitple paths to a destination system when forwarding data packets
    • system that routes data traffic to multiple systems
    • system that selects and routes data traffic using predetermined paths to a various workstations
  9. Refer to the exhibit.

    1. import json
    3. with open(“json_ios_xe_interfaces.json”, “r”) as json_file:
    4. json_file_content =
    5. decoded_json = json.loads(json_file_content)
    7. print(decoded_json)
    8. print()
    9. print(type(decoded_json))

    Which line of code opens file for read-only access?

    • Line # 1
    • Line # 2
    • Line # 3
    • Line # 4
  10. In Cisco, which of the following media types are supported by +restconf API resource? (Choose two).

    • Application/YANG-Data+JSON
    • Application/YANG-Data
    • GET/HEAD method
    • RESCONF datastore
    • RESTCONF Operation
    • RESTCONF root
  11. Which of the following principle is used when organizing cross-functional teams and automating the infrastructure rather than documenting it?

    • Siloed Infrastructure
    • Foundational principles of DevOps
    • Foundational principles of organizational silos
    • Principles of Agile infrastructure
  12. Which DNS record indicates that a DNS zone is assigned to a specific authoritative name server along with the address of the name server.ord?

    • Cert record
    • PTR record
    • CNAME record
    • NS Record
  13. Which of the following is the second and third step in the workflow of creating application using Docker tools and images? (Choose two).

    • Run Dockerfile
    • Build docker image
    • Create App tar file
    • Deploy App
  14. Which of the following is the main key difference between JSON and XML encoded data?

    • JSON supports variety of coding formats where XML only support UTF-8
    • JSON data is typeless whereas XML has a data type
    • XML displays data whereas JSON doesn’t offer this capability
    • XML is less secured whereas JSON is more secure compared to XML
  15. Which of the following entity enable problems to be split into smaller and simpler groups and reduces code repetition making the code easier to read?

    • mutable values
    • Functions
    • Code
    • mobility groups
  16. Which approach enables applications to share share an operating system and contain their own executables, tools, libraries, code settings file?

    • vstack
    • vApps
    • virtual machines
    • containers
  17. Which of the following technology enables tracking and comparison of changes in binary format files and provide access to the current code and its history?

    • version control software
    • Historic trends
    • Data monitoring
    • Libraries
  18. Which of the following is the description for hypthetical config:method as outlined in Cisco API reference?

    • config:Method(
    • config:Method(
    • config:Method(
    • config:Method(
  19. How can an administrator reduce manual network changes and increase consistency and scalablity of network changes in Cisco REST APIs?

    • APIs network configuration
    • APIC network settings
    • Python instructions for network
    • network fabric configurations
  20. Which per-requisites are required when configuring DNA center API token-based authentication using Python 3.6? (Choose two).

    • HTTPauth
    • schema
    • API URL
    • prettytable
    • Uitable
    • requests